Cultural and Historical Tours

Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing in Kathmandu Groomed by the majestic snowy mountains to the north and bordered by deep jungles to the south, Kathmandu resides stirring rock climbing adventurous sites. This is popularly adventure sport in Nepal due to the awesome natural rock faces in majestic settings. Being a mountainous country, there are many perfect places even...
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Sikkim Tour

Sikkim is located in the eastern Himalayas and is dominated by Mt. Kanchenjunga (8534 m), the third highest mountain in the world. Kanchenjunga is respected by the Sikkimese as their protective deity. The second smallest state of India, this tiny region in the north east provides stunning glimpses of the Himalayas. A blend of pristine...
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Bungee Jumping in Nepal – The Longest Free-Fall in the World!!!

Beyond expedition to awe-inspiring Himalayan, Nepal is also famous for myriad layers of one-day outing excursion. Traveling either within Kathmandu at UNESCO World Heritage Sites or visiting beyond Kathmandu, the one-day excursions are packed with numbers of travelling itineraries. Among such list, Bungee Jumping thrills the intrepid traveler to its ultimate rush. Nepal’s first bungee...
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Experience the Ultimate Adventures on the planet in Nepal

Want to hike over world’s best, craziest and mostly visited path to Everest? Individuals, who enjoy trekking, hiking and are interested in planning a trip to a far-flung destination, should think traveling to Himalaya, Nepal. Adventurers without the experience or money to climb Everest should instead hike to Base Camp. One still gets the experience...
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Academic tour in the Himalayas

Are you throbbing for academic tour in the Himalayas? Can you imagine your academic tour will be at the heart of diverse cultural landscapes? Why not browse Himalayan Glacier’s locally handcrafted personalized academic tour packages in this year! Walk through the most rarely trekked paths of Himalayan trails and expose yourself into the natural, cultural,...
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Kathmandu Pokhara River and Wildlife Tour

‘Last October I decided to visit Nepal. My idea was to have a mix of a cultural tour and also to have the opportunity of spending a few days in the beautiful nature of the country. I had never been to Nepal before so everything was completely new for me. After a long search, I...
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Why travel to Nepal?

Nepal keeps all the treasures for a great adventure experience for travelers of any age. From the highest mountain on earth, Mt Everest, to the world’s only living goddess, the Himalayan nation of Nepal has fascinated travelers of all ages for many years. Nepal is the perfect destination to learn, to inspire and to enjoy....
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Nepal and Bhutan Tour

I’m just in love with Nepal – is a fantastic country, which attracts me over and over again. I was in Nepal for 7 times, and I want to be there again. I am very grateful to Himalayan Glacier because we always travel around with them. So cool! We were looked after, offered the best...
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