Bengal Florican on verge of extinction

KANCHANPUR, July 18: Bengal Florican, known as khar majur in Nepal, one rarest bird species in the world, is on the verge of extinction.

The population of the Bengal Florican, found only in Shuklaphanta Wildlife Reserve, Chitwan National Park, Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve and Bardiya National Park, has been found decreased for the past three years.

As per the survey carried out by the Bird Conservation Nepal, number of Bengal Florican has been decreasing every year for lack of habitat and conservation. It is only found in lowland grasslands favouring thatch grass called khar in Nepali.

Conservation officer at BCN, Jotendra Thakuri, said that number of the bird has decreased as locals used to kill the bird when it reaches locals´ farms in search of food.

As per the survey, there are 17 Bengal Florican in Koshi Tappu, seven in Chitwan National Park, and six in Shuklaphanta Wildlife Reserve while none of the Bengal Florican was seen in Bardiya National Park for the past five years, added Thakuri.

Stating that the number of Bengal Florican was more than 50 at Koshi Tappu three years back, Thakuri said that the number of the bird has decreased for the lack of suitable habitat.

The bird survives mainly in Nepal, India and Cambodia. The number of bird is around 1,000 in the world, it is learnt.

Source: myrepublica.com

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