8 of the best destinations for solo women travelers


By Jeffrey Baynes

We have chosen eight of the best destinations around the world for women who like to travel and explore on their own. While our choices were based on safety, we also took other criteria into consideration – dining, spas and relaxation, shopping, museums, and in some cases, the dating scene! Here are the top 8 places to go solo:

1. Ireland:

Ireland is the perfect place for social butterflies; you will find yourself with many new best friends at the neighborhood pub. Single women will also find that Irish men won’t hesitate to strike up a conversation with a woman drinking alone, and there is nothing taboo about a woman who likes to sample local beers. But if this isn’t your cup of tea, (or Guinness), Ireland’s countryside offers gorgeous landscapes which are perfect for countryside photo shoots. Also, rather than staying in a large, impersonal hotel, solo female travelers will find that a cute Irish B & B offers a homier atmosphere.

2. Las Vegas:

A trip to Vegas is fun for everyone with its lavish hotels, famous restaurants, and of course live shows, but what makes it a particularly ideal place for a solo woman traveler? In fact, it is much easier to find last minute deals for single seats to Sin City’s best live shows and cabarets. If you prefer to be a bit more social during your experience, you are sure to find a friend (or enemy) at a card table in a high-stakes game of poker. Regardless, because of the amount of solo business travelers in Vegas, dining and going to shows alone is quite common and you will not stick out as a sore thumb as a solo traveler. Most hotels in Las Vegas are also guarded with high security, so you can feel safe in Sin City.

3. Tucson, Arizona:

If you are looking for the perfect trip for relaxation, Tucson is a spa-lovers haven. Amongst the multitude of spas is Miraval, which was featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show for its unique treatment strategies which focus on emotional healing. There is also The Spa at Omni Tucson National Golf Resort, and Canyon Ranch which offer similar atmospheres. If you are looking for something aside from the spa life, the city also boasts the must-see Tucson Museum of Art, which features beautiful Western American pieces and Latin American exhibits.

4. Thailand:


Thailand is perfect for solo women travelers – perhaps because it is of the Buddhist mindset which promotes equality amongst the sexes. Aside from the amazing food, if you are the eclectic type, there is a multitude of things to buy in Thailand for great prices. Pick up a beautiful Thai silk scarf as a token of your travels, and peruse the precious stones and sculptures. If shopping isn’t on the top of your list, and you are more into adventure, take a guided trek into the jungle, scuba dive into the beautiful azure waters, or go parasailing, which is very popular at most beaches in Thailand. The best thing about this budget-friendly destination is the extraordinary low rates you will find at most spas in the country when you want to wind down after your day of adventure.

5. Vietnam:


If the beautiful beaches and breathtaking coastal boat tours weren’t enough of a selling point, Vietnam’s super-low crime rate makes it a safe country for solo women. But that’s not all – the shopping in Vietnam is incredible – with five dollar silk scarves and three dollar three-course dinners. Additionally, the people here are extremely friendly and won’t hesitate to help you if you can’t find your way.

6. Amsterdam:

You will not be harassed in Amsterdam for wearing high skirts or low cut tops – or any top, for that matter, if you are so inclined while sunbathing in the park. Aside from the über-liberation you can experience in the Netherland’s capital, De Negen Straatjes (‘The Nine Little Streets’) offers a unique and scenic shopping experience with its many boutiques and cafes. But to make the most of your trip, drop by Xantippe, a well-known women’s resource centre and bookstore which will direct you to more places for women to visit in the city.

7. Costa Rica:

Costa Rica has broken through the stereotype of being an unsafe travel spot that stunts many of its Latin-American neighbors, and is full of warm-hearted locals that will give you assistance if need be. It’s also great for those travelling on a budget – a clean, comfortable room will cost you no more than C$60 a night. This is definitely the place for the woman who enjoys a good adventure – with surfing, volcano tours at night, ocean kayaking, and zip-line canopy tours being popular recreational activities.

8. Iceland:

Many travelers overlook this secluded island nation as a travel destination, but the dreamlike scenery in Iceland makes it a top choice for travel in Europe. Be prepared to spend a little more money on this trip – it is one of the more expensive European countries to visit. But if breathtaking views of glaciers and indulgences at lava rock healing pools (such as the one at Blue Lagoon in Grindavík) sound enticing, this trip is worth every krona. The country’s capital, Reykjavik, has more metropolitan offerings, with its many theatres, museums, restaurants and shopping outlets.

Source: http://travel.ca.msn.com

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