7 Best Places to Travel in 2023

Okay, despite all, we are here to offer our opinion on the 7 best places to travel in 2023! And so, here comes the year 2023 in style. Moreover, in front of us lies a blank page to be filled with all our resolutions and plans for 2023. Like every year, we try to think of all the personal goals we want to meet the following year. Of course, the goals include places to visit in the New Year, and dreams to accomplish.

But have you thought of giving yourself a break? 7 best places to travel in 2023 from an extensive list, is in fact waiting for you.  So, take some well-deserved quality time in these incredible locations. And get back to your best before you tackle the upcoming year by its horns!

Successful completion of Mount Kilimanjaro Hike; best place to visit this new year
Successful completion of Mount Kilimanjaro Hike

Why Should You Travel This New Year?

One of the best ways to rejuvenate, of course, is traveling.  Apart from the joys of adventures, there are aspects to traveling you might have never thought of before. So, here are some reasons why you should travel in 2023:

  • The health benefits of spending time outdoors and engaging in enjoyable physical activities obviously are known to all. Obviously, you will return fresh and excited from your new-year adventure!
  • Traveling and living among local practitioners of various cultures, traditions, societies, and unique lifestyles. These will help you channel that “New Year New Me” energy after all!
  • Traveling with family and spending quality time through a shared joyous activity. It will definitely strengthen your bond and create fond memories to share around the dinner table!

Where Should You Travel This New Year? 

From a very long list of travel destinations, here are the 7 best places to travel in 2023:

1. Nepal

Nepal is a traveler’s wonderland. High mountains, rolling hills, and enchanting flatlands come together to host 8 of the world’s highest peaks. Also, 10 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, diverse cultures, and charismatic people adds to Nepal’s fascination.

Here are some attractions you shouldn’t miss during your time in Nepal:

  1. Kathmandu: Weave through colorful prayer flags and street-corner shrines. Reach the medieval palace squares, and sky-scraping pagoda temples of the capital.
  2.  Pokhara: Paddle through calm lakes reflecting the magnificent mountain ranges and revel in the vibrant, playful air of the city 
  3.  Chitwan: Dive into deep jungles and capture the true essence of wildlife in the Nepali flatlands. Watch the sun set perfectly over wide perennial rivers and make a lifetime of memories. 
  4.  Everest Base Camp: Each step you take in this trail takes you closer to the tallest peak in the world. It isn’t called one of the best trekking routes without a reason!
  5. Mustang: Unlock the true mysteries of Nepal’s “forbidden kingdom” on its recently de-militarized terrain. The arid plateaus and rocky mountains sure make for an exciting adventure!

This is just a hint at what Nepal has to offer. Fair warning: once you’re here, you may never want to leave!

2. India

Experience powerful mysticism and remain spellbound in India’s ancient architecture. Also, tropical beaches, tea plantations, cool hill stations, abundant natural beauty, and wildlife. It is impossible to leave out this diverse country from our list of 7 best places to travel in 2023.

Ladakh the most popular tourist destination in India
Beautiful Village in Ladakh, India

These are some of our must-visits in India:

  1.  Agra: Celebrate love in the city of the Taj Mahal. It lies on the banks of the Yamuna river- the energy is simply unmatched here.
  2. Jaipur: Embody royalty in the sunny, colorful city of Jaipur. Immerse yourself in the Rajasthani sun in magnificent gardens and ancient palaces.
  3. Ladakh: You’ll have trouble knowing which is bluer: The Ladakh skies or the rivers flowing through it. Re-discover peace in this pristine mountainous region.
  4. Varanasi: The sun glimmers over golden temples as the city thrums with incredible spiritual energy. If Hinduism had a home, it would be Varanasi.
  5. Jodhpur: The fiercer Rajashthani city. Taste the desert air and the rocky terrain of the walled city. Imagine the battles fought as you wander from one weapon display to the other in their magnificent fort.
  6. Jaisalmer: The hubbub of a marketplace never dies down, more so in the ancient trading city of princely Jaisalmer. Lying in the desert, everything is so yellow it’s called the “Golden City”.

Apart from the favorites, India is a destination with some of the most mystical and charming attractions in the world!

3. Tibet

Located to the north of the Himalayas, Tibet boasts enviable cultural heritage, and immense natural beauty. There are numerous rivers and beautiful lakes as well as magnificent mountains to explore. Obviously, one that stands out among others is Mt. Everest, shared with Nepal on the southern side.

Remote regions of Tibet and the view of Himalayas
Remote regions of Tibet and the view of Himalayas

Don’t miss out on these places during your visit:

  1. Lhasa: Experience the imposing magnificence of the Potala Palace rising among the mountains. Behold the Dalai Lama’s former living quarters in the Himalayan valley.
  2. Shigatse: Trek to monasteries seemingly carved into rocks on sheer cliff sides. They are surrounded by some of the tallest peaks in the world.
  3. Tsedang: Feel the power of the ancient emperors of Tibet in the seat of their power. Dive deep into the origin of Tibetan heritage and their most important monuments.
  4. Nyingchi: There is no end to the wonders of Tibetan wildlife in this primitive forest region. Situated at a relatively lower altitude, you’ll see some of the rarest species of flora and fauna in Nyingchi.
  5.  Ngari: Once the heart of an ancient Tibetan kingdom, a simple step into Ngari is pilgrimage in itself. Mt Kailash peak and the rippling Mansarovar Lake awaits your arrival. 

These are our favorites, but make no mistake! The roof of the world has much more to offer! Check out the top ten attraction of the Tibet.

NOTE: As of the latest updates, Tibet has remained closed to foreign travelers since the onset of COVID-19. We will keep you updated when traveling to Tibet resumes. Till then, let’s skip this destination!!

4. Bhutan

Akin to a fairy kingdom, Bhutan is a land of supernatural legends, ancient monasteries, and emerald-green landscapes. You will encounter outstanding people, mystical views of holy peaks, and untouched wilderness here.

Punakha Dzong, the ancient capital of Bhutan; One of the interesting facts about Bhutan
Punakha Dzong, Popular monument of Bhutan

Here are some of Bhutan’s must-visit attractions:

  1. Thimphu: Bask in awe at the Bhutanese capital. It is characterized by its blend of imposing fortress-monasteries and lively traditional dances performed within their yards.
  2. Paro: Visit the scene out of a storybook brought to real life in this quaint Bhutanese town. Where else will a royal palace sit next to a rumbling river, and rolling fields? And, in the shadows of a partly burned fortress-monastery.
  3. Phobjikha Valley: Watch as people and animals rejoice in one of the most important Buddhist monasteries. The former in a mask dance, and the latter in a festival.
  4. Bumthang: Home to many ethnic languages, cultures, and traditions. Don’t miss the city of the mythical wild bird (Jakar), in the land of beauty – it’s in the name!
  5. Punakha: The warmer former capital is sunnier both in climate and disposition. And why shouldn’t it be, when it’s home to the “Palace of Great Happiness”? Blossoms along the river and ancient history to explore – what could be better?

Uncover more of Bhutan’s incredible secrets during your trip this new year!

4. Tanzania

Home to the most beautiful animal reserves in the world is Tanzania. It has incredible landscapes, cultures, and the highest free-standing peak on the planet, Mt Kilimanjaro. Tanzania is a treasure trove for adventurers. And definitely worthy to claim a spot in the list of 7 best places to travel in 2023.

Top of Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
Top of Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Tanzania is a land of wonders, and it is obvious.
Here are some of the popular places to visit in Tanzania: 

  1. Arusha: The capital of the East African Federation. The diplomatic city is where indigenous communities and the international community meet in beautiful cooperation.
  2. Moshi: Lying on the slopes of the mighty Mt Kilimanjaro, Moshi is a natural paradise. With many incredible national parks, lakes and countless waterfalls, it is even the proud host of an annual international fair.
  3.  Zanzibar Island: A collage of colonial structures and ethnic practices. The Zanzibar Island is a tropical paradise, housing critically endangered wildlife and fauna with connections to the Ice Age.
  4. Ngorongoro Conservation Area: Volcanic lakes, extinct volcanoes, and 3-million-year-old craters from past eruptions. Mix up in some wildlife and it’s an adventure!
  5.  Manyara Region: You can choose to be swept away by your own crystal-clear reflection on the lake. Become bamboozled by the sheer number of ethnic languages you hear spoken. Manyara is definitely one for the books!
  6. Mwanza: The rock city boasts national parks located deep within rock islands. And another one that is so obscure you have to row or take a direct flight there. When you’re not marveling at nature, lose yourself in the beautiful churches and temples of Mwanza.

Make your vacation more special with more of our hand-picked favorite Tanzania trips for the new year

5. Peru

From the wildlife of the Amazon, discover the rich historical ruins, hike up the Andes range. It feels good to soak in the lovely beaches of the Pacific. Yes, you can witness it all in Peru. With abundant UNESCO sites, it is unfair to omit Peru from the list of 7 best places to travel in 2023.

 Machu Picchu, Peru; one of the best places to visit in New year
 Machu Picchu, Peru

Don’t know where to start yet?
Here are some of our favorite destinations in Peru:

  1. Cusco: The capital of the Inca empire and the historical capital of Peru. Additionally, a city of ancient architecture, ruins and cultural history.
  2. Iquitos: The capital of the Peruvian Amazon is a hungry city fed into by three rivers including Amazon. Maybe that’s why it’s accessible only by air or through water- it is in fact, the largest city unreachable by roads!
  3. Puno: Located specifically on the shores of Lake Titicaca. Revisit the old evangelical churches of Puno to appreciate the immense artefact and architecture. Furthermore, have the time of your life in the land of festivals and folklore!
  4. Lima: The capital of Peru indeed, is a UNESCO Heritage site in itself. Moreover, the capital of Peru hosts the oldest functioning university of the new world.
  5. Machu Picchu: A remarkable hike along the Inca ruins along the Andes to reach the Inca citadel of Machu Picchu. Who wants to offer prayers at the temple of the sun and meet a Llama in the tropical canyon? We certainly do! 
  6. Ayacucho: The symbolic city indeed, holds evidence of the war for independence. In addition, there is a memorial church for each of Christ’s 33 years of life. The city hosts week-long celebrations consisting of bull and horse races during Easter – Imagine Christmas in this city!
  7. Lake Titicaca: An impressive freshwater lake in the Andes Mountain on the border of Peru and Bolivia. At the same time, it is known to be the highest navigable lake in the world. Besides, five major river systems feed into Lake Titicaca. To add even more, the interesting thing about this lake is that it consists of 41 islands, some of which are densely populated.

Want to plan a trip?
Don’t hesitate to contact our travel experts for more details!

7. Ecuador

Firstly, traipse along the cobblestoned colonial cities, and soak in the equator sun with locals of multiple ethnic backgrounds. Then, get to experience true natural diversity in the South American paradise.

The Galápagos Islands, one of the best places to visit in New Year
The Galápagos Islands, Ecuador (By Diego Delso, CC BY-SA 4.0)

  1. The Amazon Rainforest: Millions of wildlife and more than 350 ethnic groups have their homes here.
  2. The Galapagos Islands: Visit the volcanic paradise of the Galapagos Islands. Peeking into their biodiversity will show you what Charles Darwin saw during his research there.
  3. Quito: Located critically on the slopes of an active volcano. Chase adventure in the literal middle of the world in the least-altered, most well-preserved city of the Americas.
  4. Cotopaxi: Don’t be fooled by its snowy cap and the beautiful city at its feet. The Cotopaxi is still an active volcano that has erupted more than 50 times in the last 300 hundred years. The last time it erupted was in 2016. Fancy a climbing expedition despite all?
  5. Laguna Cuicocha: The volcanic crater lake of Cuicocha was created by an eruption 3100 years ago. Now, it hosts rare wildlife in its ecosystem. Literally called the ‘Lake of the guinea pigs’, the indigenous shamans primarily observe the sun festival there.
  6. Quilotoa Loop: Camp on the rocky slopes of the volcanic crater. The banks of the mineral-induced green crater-lake, among the barren, humid ecosystem of a volcano is the best campsite.

To learn more about these incredible new year travel plans, don’t hesitate to contact our travel experts! Also, find the best travel deals for the New Year 2023 celebrations. Whether you’re traveling solo, with friends, or with family, we’ll find the perfect package for you. So, to plan your dream holiday, contact us or WhatsApp us at +1-410-307-0007. Happy New Year!

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