5 Trends to Look for in Travel 2013

Here is a rundown on what travelers can expect to see in 2013 around the Globe.

travelHigher Airfares – The price of an airline ticket has been creeping up for the last two years. Airlines raised fares seven times last year and nine times the year before, according to price-watching site FareCompare.com. This year should bring more of the same. High fluctuating fuel prices have given airlines the freedom to charge customers more. As a result, airlines have room to continue to raise fares to the extent they can maximize revenue.

More Fees – Paying for a trip will look less like a price fix menu this year. Travelers no longer have room to howl. Travel industries are charging extra fees for services that used to be part of a ticket or room rate.

More Airline Consolidation – In the last four years, airline forces have joined in a flurry of mega-mergers that have swept the airline industry. The winnowing of airlines gives those that remain more power to boost fares, and shrinks competition in some markets. Lesser the competition higher the airline fare.

Gasoline Prices – Some relief at the pumps is in scene in 2013. After setting records each of the last two years, gasoline price hikes are predicted to subside a bit.

Passenger Protection – Almost all transportation departments of states’ have taken a more aggressive role in protecting air travelers since the last four years, and hope it to more aggressive throughout 2013.

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