448 mln yuan invested to protect environment of Lake Namtso

Tibet will put 448 million yuan (about 73 million U.S. dollars) into the ecological environment protection of Lake Namtso basins during the 12th Five-Year Plan(2011-2015), according to Xinhua.

According to the Environment Protection Department of Tibet Autonomous Region, four key projects have been carried out, including ecological conservation project, comprehensive prevention and control of the lake basin pollution project, construction of the supervisory ability of ecological environment project and baseline survey.

“Namtso” in Tibetan language means “lake in the sky”. With an elevation of over 4,700 meters, the Lake Namtso is situated in the Lhasa City of Tibet, covering an area of more than 1,900sq.km. It is the second largest salt lake in China, and the world’s highest salt lake.

source: Tibet Online, 24 Sept 2013

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