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Canadian tourist: Tibet is safe and beautiful

“‘Beauty of Tibet’ Painting Contest Exhibition helps me to know the nature, culture and people’s life in Tibet. It is a good guide to know what is going on in Tibet,” said by a visitor from Canada on September 26.

Titled “My Chinese dream”, the Second “Beauty of Tibet” Painting Contest Exhibition kicked off at the National Center for the Performing Arts in Beijing.

Reporter from China Tibet Online met Ghada, a tourist to Beijing for one week travel at the revenue.

Although knowing little about Tibet, Ghada likes the Tibet’s snow mountain reflecting through painting very much, “Toronto also has snow mountains, and I can see that Tibet is safe and beautiful from the paintings”.

“Thank you for organizing the exhibition, I will definitely log on your website after going back home”, Ghada said.

Co-sponsored by the China Tibet Online and Tibetculture.net, the Second “Beauty of Tibet” Painting Contest is supervised by the Chinese Artists Association and the United Front Work Department of the CPC Central Committee, and co-organized by the Literary Federation of Tibet Autonomous Region.

The paintings will be on show from 9 am to 5 pm every day from Sep. 26 to Oct. 10 for free. During the exhibit, interactive activities, such as the art salon will also be held on site.

source: CNTV, 29 SEPT 2013

Tibet Tour

In regards to our Tibet trip, just wanted to let you know we had a great time and are very grateful to you for assisting us in organizing such memorable trip.

Some key points in order:

The driver who took us to the border was nice and chatty and took good care of us on our final journey in Nepal. The young chap who assisted is with the border crossing was very nice and made this process very easy.

Our Tibetan guide and driver were great. They were very helpful and most accommodating with changes in the itinerary we made on route. They struck a good balance between looking after us but also giving us space to do as we wanted (that was one of my initial worries with a trip like this, as I’m quite independent and not used to being guided).

The Land Cruiser was showing its age a bit and the heater was no the most reliable. Having said that it was comfortable and reliable. A couple of warm blankets in the boot might be an idea for those of us allergic to the cold.

Accommodation at most places was of a standard above that which I had expected. The hotel in Lhasa was fantastic, very comfortable beds, good underfloor heating and friendly staff. The hotel in Shingatse was also very nice. The hotel in Old Tingri was a bit worse for wear (even the Lonely planet guide suggests looking elsewhere), so this may be an opportunity for improvement in future.

We were very happy with the itinerary in terms of the sights that we visited, and feel we saw everything we wanted to. The guide seemed very knowledgable and was able to answer all our questions relating to the sights we visited as well as any other things we wanted to know.

Breakfast – I think the Tibetans feel that all westerners must have eggs and bread in the mornings – I’m sure its them just trying to be hospitable, but we would have been much happier with what the locals ate (the tibetan bread has the consistency and atomic number of lead). Food everywhere else was good and our guides picked out some good lunch spots for us, we especially liked the lunch stop in our drivers home town.

We did have the small misunderstanding at the final set of hot springs as it wasn’t clear that we had to pay extra to use them. We were however grateful for your understanding and willingness to rectify the situation on the spot, this from our perspective was very good customer service.

Overall we were very happy with the service you provided us both in organizing and executing our trip. I believe a sign of good service is a clients willingness to recommend that service to others. I would have no hesitation in recommending Himalayan Glacier Trekking to others.

Thanks once again for your help with our trip, it was truly a once in a lifetime experience.

Warm Regards


Himalayan Glacier was EXCEPTIONAL- “Everest Base Camp Trek and Tibet tour”

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Trekking is EXCEPTIONAL. Top marks from Canada guys!


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