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Tibet: The Pristine Holy Land

Tibet is considered to be the pristine holy land for visitors. Tibetan land, its people and culture are till date untouched by the influence of modernization even at the dawn of century of material quest. For international visitors, Tibet is an exotic land of treasure and riches, for its peculiar geographic features and unique natural beauties, featured with culture and characteristic of local residential customs.

Tibet, the roof of the world, is located on Tibet Plateau in the southwest frontier of China, with the height of over 4,000 meters. For centuries this mysterious land is locked with panoramic range of Himalayas. Tibet is without doubt one of the most remarkable place to visit in South Asian Region. Further Tibet offers fabulous monastery sights, breathtaking terrific high-altitude treks, and stunning views of the world’s highest mountains and some of the noblest people in the world.

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