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Tag: Preserving masks dances

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Preserving masks dances

To preserve the culture of masks dances, the International Mask Arts and Cultural Organization conference or the IMACO, is underway in Thimphu. The President of IMACO, Kweon Yong-Sae, said the three-day conference has experts around the world to discuss and share member countries’ effort to preserve masks culture, which are fast disappearing.

The President added it is expected to gather materials from various mask arts across the globe to build network and to expand cultural content. “Mask arts have universal code to understand diverse culture and tradition in around the world.

“I think protecting and safeguarding mask arts is a very important initiative for IMACO memberships so we can find value and importance, significant of the human beings identity,” said the President.

During the conference the participants can suggest how to develop the values and how it could be developed in future for the next generation.

source: BBS, 13 NOV 2013