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Nepal Peak Climbing and Trekking

Just wanted to say thanks again for all of your help with our Island Peak climbing and trekking. Your staff were excellent, from the guides to the porters. We were happy with the accommodation and food provided and there was always a happy with your staff at hand.

Island Peak & Everest Trek

The service we received from Himalayan Glacier was excellent, and I will be referring your company to friends of mine who are keen for a trek and climbing in 2009!

Thanks again, excellent work!

Lance Lautier

Team Leader
Island Peak Climbing
UK and Australia
Dec 2008

Nepal Peak Climbing

I’m back at home in Toowoomba Australia and enjoying the warm weather. I thought I should send you my thought about the trek and some pictures. I thought that as a whole the trek and climbing was very well organized and well paced. I was happy that we could arrange the times and dates to suit our group’s needs. In no particular order I’ll some mention some of the things I liked and some things I would change if doing it again.

Peak Climbing in Nepal

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