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5 Facts of Nepal Tour

Welcome to the land of majestic Himalayan scenery. Go ahead and indulge!

The five facts of Nepal tour help you to discover why international visitors like to visit Nepal? What are those facts that really impress world travelers towards Nepal? Is it spectacular Himalayan scenery or cultural diversity or abundance of nature or hospitality of Nepalese people? Discover Nepal’s hidden charm at your Nepal Holiday Tour.

Nepal is a prime destination for travelers from around the world. Whether you are at The Royal Trek or Nepal Sunrise Tour of Nepal you will be surrounded by stunning Himalayan peaks and diversity of flora and fauna of this tiny Himalayan state. Besides, mountain massifs, racing rivers, quaint temples and palaces, tough trekking trails and wildlife safaris lure the tourist in Nepal.

Kathmandu Tour
Kathmandu Tour


Nepal is filled with as many different ethnic groups, customs and traditions as it is diverse in geography. This massive diversity can be attained the moment when you just go for Kathmandu Tour and see Nepal’s every aspect of diversity within small space. From the hot Indian plains and steamy southern Tarai lowlands, the terrain crosses the Kathmandu Valley and rises to the frozen heights of the Himalayan peaks towards the Tibetan plateau known as the ‘roof of the world’.

Therefore, this Himalayan destination is one of the most luxurious and lavish places to visit in the world.  Spend some quality time with someone you love while you stroll through the magnificent Himalayan scenery. The five facts of Nepal tour are listed here.

  1. Nepal is one the world’s best adventure destinations. It means you are adventuring in the most adventurous mountain regions of the world. Nepal has eight of the world’s highest peaks including the biggest one of them all, Mount Everest. The most secret fact of Nepal tour is that travelers like to follow the legendary trail to Everest in their Mt. Everest Expedition or Everest Base Camp Trek. Besides, trekkers even prefer to go for Annapurna Circuit Trek and Upper Mustang Trek in the Annapurna region.  Beyond adventure trekking, Nepal is also perfect site for Bungee Jumping, Mountain Biking, Paragliding, and many more adventure sports in the world.
  2. Friendliness and Hospitality bestowed by Nepalese people to the travelers are incomparable. It is the hospitable nature of the local populace that truly adds to a fantastic tourist experience. Furthermore, the people of this small country are generally honest to a fault, and quick to have a laugh. Nepalese, in fact, make the most of every opportunity to enjoy themselves. Although Nepal is home to people of various castes and ethnicities, the more well-known are undoubtedly the Gurkhas and the Sherpas. The former have a well earned reputation as the world’s best soldiers while the latter are regarded as the world’s best mountaineers. In the same way, the Newars are recognized as skilled architects and artisans. Their works of art in wood, metal and stone are on perpetual display, especially in the ancient cities of Katmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur, where every temple, town square, durbar as well as many homes stand testimony to their immense talent. Nepalese hospitality – in overall, is another hidden fact that really attracts travelers towards Nepal.
  3. Nepal is a country of distinct identity. Beyond being tallest mountain region in the world, Nepal is the birthplace of Lord Gautama Buddha, the messenger of world peace. To unearth this fact, visit for Buddhist Cultural Tour in Nepal and see how Nepal excels the distinct identity to the world. Besides this, Nepal’s location too is quite special, sandwiched as it is between China and India, two of the most populated countries as well as the fastest growing economies in the world. Nepalese national dress and unique Nepal food culture are nowhere to find in the world. All these makes Nepal one place you must visit at least once during your lifetime.
  4. Another enticing fact of Nepal tour is your travel through wildlife abundance. Nepal appreciates the blessings of nature and takes conservation seriously. Its protected areas add up to 28,585.67 sq. km. There are nine national parks, three wildlife reserves, three conservation areas, one hunting reserve and nine buffer zones. They are home to a lot of animals, including the snow leopard, the yak, the rhino, the Royal Bengal tiger and the gharial. Do not forget to visit The Bardia National Park where you can see rare animal species of the world. As for birdlife, Nepal is often referred to as a birdwatcher’s paradise, with some 800 species present in many of its wetlands and wildlife parks around which you will find some of the loveliest resorts on earth. Similarly, Nepal also has many beautiful resorts located on the hills and mountains catering to mountain lovers.
  5. See the fascinating diversity of Nepal while exploring the intriguing fact of Nepal tour. Nepal has a rich diversity in ethnicity, culture and language. At last count, there are 125 different groups and ethnic communities with some 120 languages across Nepal. They have their own unique tradition and culture, including living intangible cultures! As far as biodiversity is concerned, the country has a unique geography due to extreme variations in altitude and climate within a span of just 200 km – from the heat and humidity of the sub-tropical Terai in the south to the cool dry temperate and alpine conditions of the Himalayan range to the north.

Journeying in the Himalayas

Journeying in the Himalayas is an utmost dream of the world travelers. Bhutan, Nepal and Tibet excel the extreme beauty of legendary Himalayas. Travelers who are thinking to embark on Everest Base Camp Trek-the grandest adventure walk in the world or want to make wondrous Tibet Explore Tour, they will be ultimately at the refuge of pristine Himalayas. The ancient cultures and the lifestyles of these Himalayan states are still as they have been for centuries – adorned with traditional woven garments, daily prayers and prevalent religious folk dances.


Journeying in the Himalayas
Journeying in the Himalayas


In making Bhutan tour or let’s say, making a trip for Kathmandu tour let you experience the forested valleys dotted with temples, majestic mountains crowned with castle-like monasteries and serene culture untouched by modern devastation. In the journey through Himalayas, you will witness the novice monks reciting mantras, and craftsmen creating beauty from simple wares. Furthermore, you meet the gracious people who impart a deep insight into the Buddhist philosophy and the essence of life in the imposing Himalayas.

In travelling in the streets of Paro and Thimphu, you will be overwhelmed by the sights of idyllic valley crowned by crystal clear mountain views, small monasteries and great fortresses called dzongs. Besides, artistic craftsmanship like weaving, woodcarving and Thangka painting of Bhutanese stun you. Furthermore, an invigorating trek to “Tiger’s Nest” – Bhutan’s sacred and mystical monastery perched high into a cliff face bewilders you.

Your Journeying in the Himalayas reaches apex once you land in Kathmandu, a treasure trove of ancient temples and stupas. In Kathmandu, explore ancient Buddhist temples and sacred monuments like the 1500 year-old stupa of Boudhanath, one of the largest in the world. In addition, take an exhilarating helicopter flight to view the dramatic Himalayas and glorious Mount Everest. Tour the valley, including Patan, a royal city filled with stone carvings, ornate architecture and temples. The height of Nepal tour exceeds everything once you happen to travel in Pokhara. In Pokhara, you can take enthralling experience of boating on Fewa Lake, see the sun rise atop Sarangkot Hill and then visit the Bindhebasini Temple.

The imposing beauty of journeying in the Himalayas culminates once you fly to the ancient Tibetan capital of Lhasa, and discover its cultural history. In Lhasa, visit the Palace of the Dalai Lama, Potala Palace, Jokhang temple, and traditional markets. Your Tibet tour becomes a life time memory the moment you travel to Yamdrok Tso Lake, one of the holiest lakes in Tibet.

6 prime expectations while trekking in Nepal

Exquisite hospitality, stunning mountain landscapes, green valleys, indigenous food cultures, myriad wild-lives, lovely climates and above all the best trekking destinations in the world are the prime expectations of trekking in Nepal.

Whether you are advancing for Everest Base Camp Trek or making journey for Nepal Village Home Stay Tour or just moved on for Kathmandu Tour, your expectations of Nepal Tour will be rewarded by the majestic mountain views, the grandness of cultural heritage sites, the hospitality of friendly people, the diversity of flora and fauna, the unbeatable taste of locally made traditional cuisines and the experience of stunning climate diversity.


Trekking in Nepal
Trekking in Nepal


The six prime expectations while trekking in Nepal are –

  1. Mountain views are the greatest expectation of trekkers in Nepal. The grand mountain views depend on where the travelers are trekking. If a trekker is moving for Everest region, he or she will be in one of the most spectacular mountain regions of the world. It is where four of the world’s six tallest peaks Mt. Everest, Mt. Lhotse, Mt. Makalu, and Cho Oyu rise above everything else, crowning the towering ridges that straddle the forbidding Himalayans. Trekking through the Khumbu region offers astounding mountain views, and opportunities to get a glimpse into the life of world famous climbers – Sherpas. In the same way, trekking trails to Annapurna Base Camp pass through waterfalls, villages, farmlands, rhododendron forests, and mountain vistas.
  2. Valleys are other secret attractions of trekking in Nepal. The magnetic Pokhara, the enchanting Kathmandu and much more other stunning valleys will host the visitors. While traveling through valleys of Nepal, travelers encounter with age-old cultural heritage of Nepal. In making Nepal Heritage Tour in Kathmandu, visitors generally traverse through the UNESCO World Heritage Sites -Kathmandu Durbar Square, Pashupatinath, Swayambhu, Boudhanath. Temples and architectures built in Pagodas style catch the eyes of travelers too.
  3. Another prime expectation of trekking in the Himalayas is to intermingle with friendly people of Nepal. Immersing with local people is only possible once a traveler walks around village area. Trekking in the rural parts of Nepal lets the travelers to experience the beautiful mountain vistas and the rich cultural heritage of different Himalayan regions. The trails generally pass through the heart of the farming communities.
  4. Watching wildlife is the next highly anticipated expectation of visitors in Nepal. Trekkers see plenty of yak and cow above 3000m. Rare mountain goats are often spotted high up on the sides of mountains. Bird watching experience will be tremendous.  For instance, Bardia National Park Tour in the western Terai of Nepal offers the largest and least encroached wilderness. The region preserves a wide variety of flora and fauna. The National Park is home of many wild species like tiger, the rhinoceros, wild elephant, swamp deer, black rabbit, the gharial crocodile and Gangetic dolphin.
  5. Indigenous food culture is a distinct charm of Nepal. Unlike consumer food culture, visitors often surprise when they find themselves in a family milieu in the hilly regions of Nepal. There is plenty of locally prepared fantastic foods are available on all the main trails of Nepal .
  6. Nepal’s diverse climate really appeals the travelers. November or December to January or February is the cold season. February, March and April offer the second best time of year to go hiking in the Himalayas. The season will be full of blooming rhododendrons and other flowers in the valleys. May and June is warm indeed. June to September is rainy. October and November provide superb alternative chance for trekking in the mountain. This season also offers spectacular mountain views.

After Uttarakhand disaster, Nepal can be pilgrim haven

Nepal and its rich Hindu culture and ancient temples could serve as an alternative to flood-ravaged Uttarakhand, according to a leading Nepali tour and travel operator.
In Goa as part of a roadshow promoting Nepal, Bodha Raj Bhandari, chairman of the Nepal-based company Snowy Horizon, told IANS that Uttarakhand may be unable to handle tourist volumes in the coming year.
So Nepal may prove to be a good diversion of Indian religious tourists, he said Tuesday.
“Uttarakhand is still coping up with the disaster and will take time to rebuild. Therefore, Nepal, which adjoins the state, is rich in Hindu culture and tradition could be a great place for pilgrimage for Indians,” Bhandari said.
Uttarakhand was hit by one of the worst floods in recent times, leaving thousands dead and causing extensive.
Nepal boasts of several popular temples and other important religious sites related to Hinduism and Buddhism.
The delegation of representatives from the Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) as well as the Nepal Association of Tour and Travel Agents (NATTA) are on a promotional tour in India.
NTB also pitched for Nepal as an ideal place for those interested in religious and spiritual tourism.
“Lumbini in Nepal is the birth place of the Buddha at Lumbini. Nepal is also called the abode of Shiva and the birthplace of Sita. The temple circuit in Nepal is culturally rich as well as ancient,” said Uday Bhattarai, assistant manager of NTB.
Nepal attracts nearly than eight lakh tourists annually, and Indians account for nearly 30 percent of the air arrivals to the Himalayan state.

source: Business Standard, 06 Aug 2013

Tour to Nepal

Kathmandu Durbar Square
Kathmandu Durbar Square

Nestled between emerging economic global giants China and India, Nepal’s own power lies in its awe-inspiring mountain scenery, deep-rooted spirituality and timeworn temples and towns. Himalayan Glacier’s journey to Nepal unfolds enthralling mysteries of this Himalayan state.

For a true Nepalese experience, nothing strikes trekking the Himalaya. Discover some of the world’s most magnificent peaks on the Himalayas. Experience Mt. Everest’s Base Camp passing through ancient villages where life remains much the same way it has for hundreds of years. Under an impossibly blue sky and soaring, misty peaks, trail passes prayer flags and unspoiled terrain.

Feel the breathing spirit of Nepal in its fabled capital, Kathmandu through treading over UNESCO World Heritage Site. Explore Patan and Bhaktapur, ancient royal cities where one can lose oneself wandering cobbled streets, relishing fine arts and gazing at ornately carved building walls.

Travel and trekking in Nepal is only one type of extraordinary adventure one can experience in this magical destination with Himalayan Glacier.

Nepal and Bhutan Tour

I’m just in love with Nepal – is a fantastic country, which attracts over again. I was in Nepal for 7 times and I want to again and again. I am very grateful to us, because we always travel around with them. So cool, we were looked after, offer the best hotels, accompaniment.
In no other country. Where we were (and already toured half the world exactly) there was good and comfortable there. Our every wish is taken into account, always very friendly and love
Thank you very much Naba and Vlad. We are sure to come. Only with you.
Good luck and prosperity
Maria P

View of Boudha Temple
View of Boudha Temple

Nepal – a beautiful country, full of discoveries for the tourist. A properly designed and organized program allowed it to see different parts of Nepal, and every day more and more fall in love with this country.
I do not have the habit of returning to the country where I already was, but in Nepal I’d like to return.
I want to thank our guide, Vlad, who was always ready to fulfill all of our requests. Thanks for the great hotel with lovely views. Thank you very much for the excellent organization of the company, a wonderful driver, with whom we feel safe, in spite of the difficult road of the country.
Helen L.

View of Naytapol Temple
View of Naytapol Temple

I’ve been in a fabulous location – Nepal, where the highland paradise in the monasteries and stupas are located near a number of mud and overcrowded houses in the valleys. It is here that you realize the joy of existence on this earth, you begin to ask yourself important questions, and find time to get the answers. Time does not flow in Nepal as elsewhere. I’d love to come back to Nepal I go to a new life after Nepal.
Alexander D

Bhaktapur Durbar Square
Bhaktapur Durbar Square

I thank Mary Rasbash and Centre A. Sviyasha for a magical journey of my life. Always well-organized and sophisticated and dynamic. Looking back, it’s hard to believe that so many impressions fit in one trip.
This time, I discovered the wonderful country of Bhutan. Magical and amazing. Nepal was in the second RNase and I’m even more in love with him.
Thank you for the opportunity to travel with you. I love to see you halfway around the world and was happy to see the rest


Tiger's Nest Bhutan
Tiger’s Nest Bhutan

Grateful for the opportunity to visit two interesting countries: Nepal and Bhutan.

The trip was so intense and exciting, adventurous and informative, which is still in my head sounds sounds of mantras, in the heart forever settled melody mountain winds, but at heart opened one more note of self-knowledge. After all, with this, I went to the training of Mary Rasbash ‘Find my purpose, “to travel in remote areas of Nepal, enigmatic and mysterious and fantastic Bhutan.

Punakha Dzong
Punakha Dzong

Opening yourself happened gradually, I learned to read the signs, realized his desire to formulate appropriate goals, and most importantly to meet interesting and diverse people. I am pleased to share their emotions, they overwhelm me. Words can not describe the natural beauty of Nepal and Bhutan. But it is those places gave me the energy that allowed me to decide in my endeavors. I boldly go together with their destiny ahead! I trust the universe
Mary is grateful for the many Razbash tips and advice for organizing the trip and for the cognitive training.