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Experiencing Journey to Mt. Kailash

Trip to Mansarovar and Mt Kailash was on our mind for last several years. This year, all stars were in line and we were able to make this trip with a great success. We were lucky that we had very good company of fellow Yatris for this trip. We were also lucky regarding selection of Himalayan Glacier Trekking Company. They did a fabulous job managing our trip and Lina Patel did a great job organizing our group.

Kailash Journey
During Kailash Journey

Our trip began in Kathmandu. Kathmandu valley has three major cities. Kathmandu Bhaktapur and Patan. They all have very beautiful temples and durbar square. Great Stupa at Budhnath is worth mentioning. We had a chance to do Puja at holy temple of Pashupatinath .

Mount Kailash
Mount Kailash

It took us about 5 days to reach Mansarovar. This was a very difficult journey due to poor road condition and numerous land slides. Walking over landslides, some of them active land slide and traveling in trucks between land slides was in itself experience of a life time. We think Mansarovar is really out of this world. It is difficult to describe the beauty. It is surrounded by snow covered peaks. You can see Mt Kailash clearly from here. We had very quick bath (dubki) in freezing water of Mansarovar. Staying in tents at the edge of water had its own charm.
Next we started Mt Kailash Parikrama..In Buddhist religion also this is considered very important. They call it Cora. We were lucky enough to be able to walk about 32 miles in 3 days. Second day of Parikrama is the most difficult part. We started about 6AM and reached Dolma La Pass at 19500 ft around noon. We think being so close to Mt Kailash is worth all the hardships of this journey. Immediately after Dolma La Pass beautiful Gauri Kund is visible. Sheer ruggedness of this area is amazing. Going down from Dolma La Pass we walked through falling snow initially and rain later. We were very happy to see our SUVs at the end of our 3 days grueling journey.

This has been an experience of a lifetime. We were lucky that we were able to complete this journey. We met another group of Yatris on our way, who had to turn back from middle of Parikrama due to poor weather condition. For us this was a Pilgrimage and a trekking adventure, which we are very glad that we undertook.

Rakshika and Kashyap Thakor

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