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Himalayan Glacier Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Kakani (Nuwakot), FEB 17 – The mostly anticipated grand 20th anniversary of Himalayan Glacier was celebrated with the spirit of team building program at the awe aspiring height of Kakani, Nuwakot. The remarkable anniversary was chaired by its core management dignitaries, participated by office co-members, field staffs, foreign guests, and overall mostly recognized expedition leaders “Sherpas”. The event stressed on the importance and role of a team work within a company to attain its goals.

Mr. Sagar Pandey, President and Founder
Mr. Sagar Pandey, President and Founder

While inaugurating the team building program at the anniversary, Mr. Sagar Pandey, the company’s chairman said, “The success of our company is the result of hard effort of a dedicated team within the company”. He further outlined, “Himalayan Glacier is in transition phase and hopes to gear up within 2014.” The chairman further addressed, “The international visitor or tourist seeks to get more secure environment to the traveled places, more information about the visited places and want to have fun as well.”

Mr. Narayan Regmi, Managing Director
Mr. Narayan Regmi, Managing Director

Meanwhile, Mr. Narayan Regmi, the company’s managing director said, “Tourism industry struggled very hard to recover from the ravages of civil war in Nepal and believed the political stability yields into fruitful results even within tourism industry by creating more and more employments in the forthcoming days”.

Mr. Naba Raj Amgai, Executive Director
Mr. Naba Raj Amgai, Executive Director

“Himalayan Glacier will bring more successful stories in the future and that is only possible through the hard effort of its dedicated team’s culture of team work”, Mr. Naba Raj Amgai, the company’s executive director stressed at the program.

Himalayan Glacier Team
Himalayan Glacier Team

Likewise, representative from office coworkers, field workers, and mountain expedition leaders expressed their ideas outlining the challenges and weakness within their respective assigned tasks and were very much excited to have their presence on such occasions.

Further another attraction of the event was it was full of recreational activities such as “Lokdohari” competition, compulsory participation at cultural dances, and team building photo suiting.

The grand event with huge success came to an end at the evening promising to organize such events in the future as well. The international visitors at the anniversary also added the charm of the program. In addition to this, the event had itself looked at its magnificence and Himalayan Glacier’s history building milestone.

Kakani Attraction of Northwest Kathmandu

Kakani, a hill station located about 24 kilometers northwest from Kathmandu can take you away from the hustle bustle of Kathmandu and rejuvenate those who wish to have short excursion. The nearest destination from Kathmandu with spectacular scenery offers smart choice for a day hiking.

Spectacular views from Kakani

While on the way to Kakani, hikers enjoy the magnificent views of wild rhododendrons growing on the mountain slopes during late winter, mountain scenery, oak and pine forest. Above all, the hiking spot is famous for the sights of the mountain landscapes around the capital, including the views of the majestic peaks stretching from Ganesh Himal to the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri ranges.

Further, Kakani is well known for cycling and biking. It is also one of the most hot spot for picnic for the valley’s huge crowd. Famous for trout and strawberry farming, Kakani welcomes the visitors to International Mountaineers Memorial Park on its southern side too.

Kakani moreover, either for short hikers or bikers or cyclers garlands the experiences of better views of sunrise and sunset. The nature’s perfect choice gives a short escort from the maddening crowd of Kathmandu, an emerging jungle of concrete.

The Three Prime Interests of a Tourist

Himalayan Glacier celebrated its long awaited 20th Grand Annual Anniversary Ceremony at the relishing height of Kakani, Nuwakot. The event capitalized into a team building opportunity. The major speakers at the ceremony reemphasized the value of team-work and further focused on the utilization of information and communication technology within a travel and adventure company.

Himalayan Glacier Team
Himalayan Glacier Team


Himalayan Glacier Team
Himalayan Glacier Team

While addressing at the Himalayan Glacier’s 20th Anniversary Team Building Program, Mr. Sagar Pandey, HGT’s chairman highlighted the basic three innate interest of a tourist in any parts of the world and those interest are security, information and entertainment. While delivering the company’s annual team building function, Mr. Pandey came with the words of his profound experiences within tourism industry.

Delivering Speech
Delivering Speech

Mr. Pandey while quoting security of a tourist reiterated that a visitor always wants to be safe and secure. A visitor in a new destination primarily concern over his security in terms of any kinds of unforeseen mishaps. So, he refocused that a tour guide must be prepared to ensure a visitor’s safety mechanism. Secondly, Mr. Pandey is well aware of a tourist’s concern over information. He believes that a visitor passionately loves to get more and more information of traveled places. Since, it is responsibility of a tourist guide to come with much more resources and prior research before informing or guiding a visitor. Further, he knew that entertainment is integral part of tourism. At the program, Mr. Pandey directed his words towards who are directly engaged with a tourist. What he meant to say that is a tourist guide must equip with a creative source of entertainment while leading a visitor into different local spaces of the world.

The team building program restressing the key issues within tourism and interest of tourists, in overall mapped out the bright potentialities of tourism in Nepal.