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Two escapades aim at conquering Island Peak on business suit, but with a beautiful cause

When we think of mountaineering, people wearing heavy jackets full of down, waterproof and breathable trousers, hiking boots etc come to our mind.

However, this may sound you wacky but it is true that two escapades are aiming to conquer Mt. Island peak (6189 meter) of Nepal, on their business suit this winter at a time when the mercury has fallen below minus 25 degree Censius, but with a cause.

The young adventurers from Australia, Danny Roberts-Clarke and David Grech, are attempting Mt. Island, also known as Imja Tse, with a mission to donate an orphanage with the fund they raise.

Talking to The Rising Nepal, David shared that the idea for suited escapades came from a trip to Nepal in 2012 to visit Everest Base Camp.

“It was during this trip that it became clear to me. I am so fortunate to have the time and opportunity to partake in these amazing things while so many others will never get the chance. From that moment onwards I decided that for every unique adventure I took part in, I would do my best to raise money or awareness for a local cause.”

He said that they had been to the Base Camp on their business suits for 19 days of trekking. “We had 3 business suits, 2 business shirts 5 ties and a briefcase,” he said.

“I hope to use this inaugural suited escapade to inspire others to challenge themselves whilst also showing that in doing so we can always help those in need.”

Asked about the risk during the adventure, he responded, “At 6,189 metres in the Himalayan winter with temperatures reaching -25°C a thirst for adventure and a worthy cause is all that is driving them.”

These two escapades are going to donate $ 40,000 to a children school in Pokhara, Kaski.

“We are raising money for a new building to house around 30 children in Pokhara, so that they may have a safer and healthier environment in which to live, learn and grow,” he said.

These young students have already participated in scores of charity works in many countries, including their homeland Australia.

Lauding their charity and adventure works, Danny said that it was their duty as a foreign tourist, whose flights may have cost more than a local’s yearly salary, to give back to the local people.

This demonstrates how much of an impact local charities supported by others can make in a community that needs their help.

Nepal is somewhere I have always wanted to visit. My father worked there as a guide for some time before I was born, and had always planned to take the family to see his spiritual home. We never got that chance, as he passed away in 2006 from a brain tumour, Danny said.

“This journey will bring me closer to him, and let me experience the place he loved so much,” he said.

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7 things to know about Island Peak

Are you interested to know something interesting things about Island Peak (6189m) in the Khumbu region of Nepal? The peak also recognized as Imja Tse adds the beauty of Everest region. The combination of Everest Base Camp Trek and Island Peak Climbing is probably the best adventure trip in Nepal. Besides, Island Peak Climbing fulfills the dream of every amateur and serious climber, who has been seeking the thrill of adventure climbing. The 7 things you would like to know about Island peak is given here.

Island Peak
Island Peak


  1. This mountain was named “Island Peak” in 1952 AD, by a climbing team of Eric Shipton, due to its striking location in the middle of the Chhukung valley, like an Island on a sea of ice. Island peak was first ascended in 1953 by a British team as preparation for climbing Everest.
  2. Among numbers of trekking peaks in Nepal, Island peak is the most popular that offers exhilarating climbing experience beyond simply trekking for novice climbers and trekkers alike. The climbing is physically demanding but not technically challenging.
  3. For many mountaineers climbing Island Peak marks the beginning of climbing on Himalayas to prepare for a big Himalaya expedition in Nepal.
  4. Island peak is an extension of the ridge that comes down from the south end of the Lhotse shar, situated at less than 10 kilometer away from the Everest.
  5. Island Peak not only provides an enjoyable climb but also provides some of the most spectacular scenery of Himalayas in the Everest region. Seen from the summit the giant mountains, Nuptse (7,879m), Lhotse (8,501m), Lhotse Middle Peak (8,410m) and Lhotse Shar (8,383m) make a semi circle in the north. The views of Makalu (8475m) in the east, Baruntse and Amadablam in the south add more charm in climbing Island Peak.
  6. Descending from the peak, the route takes into many cultural sites, such as Pangboche, a traditional Sherpa village; Tangboche, famous for its ornately decorated Tibetan monasteries and Khumjung with Hillary school inside the clouds and mysterious Yeti scalp.
  7. The journey to Island Peak begins from and comes to conclusion at one of the most famous airstrip in the world, the Lukla Airport in the Khumbu region.

The Three Exquisite Expeditions of Nepal

Peak Climbing
Peak Climbing

Ama Dablam, Island and Mera Peak are three of the stunning mountains in the beautiful Himalayan range. These three mountains are Nepal’s prominent adventurous expeditions and attract hundreds of climbers every year.

Ama Dablam is located in the Khumbu region of Nepal at an elevation of 6856m/22488ft. Ama Dablam, literally means ‘The Mother’s Jewel Box’. It derives its name from the glacier on its south west face which looks like a jewel box hanging on the neck of the mountain. The standard ascent to Ama Dablam is made via the South-Western Ridge. The route offers varied and sustained climb with reasonable level of difficulty.

Imja Tse popularly known as Island Peak is a very sought after peak for climbing in Nepal. Its altitude is 6,189m/20,305ft situated between the Ama Dablam and Lhotse Mountain chains and on top of the Chhukung Glacier. Being located in the middle of the Chhukung valley, like an island on a sea of ice led it to be named as Island Peak in 1952. It is not a technical peak but requires good stamina for a long day effort while climbing it.

Standing at an altitude of 6,461m/ 21,190 ft, Mera Peak is another mountain in the Sagarmatha region of Nepal which draws the attention of climbers from all over the world. Mera Peak provides a magnificent view of the five out of the six highest mountains in the world: Everest, Kanchenjunga, Lhotse, Makalu, and Cho Oyo. This definitely makes the trip worthwhile!

After Island Peak climbing

I was wholehearted to go to Nepal to see the Himalayas of Nepal closely since I knew about them first. Once I had done trekking in 2005, my ambition amplified and I was determined to climb one of its peaks. Due to lack of climbing experience, I chose a little non-technical one, Imje Tse (Island Peak). I went Nepal again in November of 2009, four years after my first visit on “Destination Island Peak.”

“Although physically challenging, Imje Tse is not considered technically complicated, but weather and snow conditions can add sudden challenges and you will need to be prepared for all eventualities – including knowing how and when to use crampons, ice axe and rope techniques,” said Dendi at Himalayan Glacier Trekking. The climbing service provider, Himalayan Glacier Trekking managed experienced guides to handout some necessary skills and made me alert incase of unfavorable weather condition before flying to Lukla from Kathmandu.
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When we were finally on the top of the Island Peak

It’s difficult to translate in words what we felt and what we saw when we were finally on the top of the Island Peak.

The day was absolutely fantastic – we were very lucky. We have reached the top of the Island Peak mountain at 09:00h in the morning and everything was just perfect. What sensational views!

Everywhere we looked at we just could see big mountains. It’s amazing!

We would like to thank our climbing guide Mr. Pen Sherpa for his great professionalism. He has a great knowledge about these mountains.

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Island Peak climbing and expedition 2009

In this April’09 we decided to climb the Island Peak using the services of Himalayan Glacier. The acclimation, going to Everest Base Camp and Kala-Pathar, is a very nice trek and we were so lucky each day with weather. After used the Khangmala pass, we arrived to the Island Peak area and, after two days, we achieved the summit using the Base Camp and high camp (for a better acclimation). It was a sunny day but only us did the peak this morning! We were alone in front the Lothse wall! We came back to Luckla without any problem and still with good weather (a lot of mantras had been done!).

Everest view from Kala-Pathar
Everest view from Kala-Pathar

The support, help, and friendly  and reasonable company of our guides, porters, and drivers was excellent in our trip. Specially thanks to Parkesh (trek-guide), Tiangzin (climbing-guide), and Chet (supervisor). I can highly recommend the Himalayan Glacier Trekking and  staff for anyone  who is planning to visit their country.

Jaume Rigau & Marc Rigau
Island Peak climbing and expedition 2009

Nepal Peak Climbing

I’m back at home in Toowoomba Australia and enjoying the warm weather. I thought I should send you my thought about the trek and some pictures. I thought that as a whole the trek and climbing was very well organized and well paced. I was happy that we could arrange the times and dates to suit our group’s needs. In no particular order I’ll some mention some of the things I liked and some things I would change if doing it again.

Peak Climbing in Nepal

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