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Travelled with Himalayan Glacier Trekking

I travelled with Himalayan Glacier Trekking in May to Gokyo Valley, Gokyo Ri, Cho La Pass, Everest Base Camp and Kala Patthar. There hasn’t been one second with a doubt that I had chosen the right company.

On the way to EBC

Food throughout the treks was very good (with two exceptions exactly at those villages the guidebooks (I read before) already mentioned). Khagendra as my guide did a great job from the moment he picked me up at Kathmandu Airport till the moment he managed to get a flight for me from Lukla back to Kathmandu when all flights were cancelled on the day before because of bad weather conditions and many other trekkers, climbers & runners were also looking for flights as the Everest Marathon took place on the day before also. This has only been possible because of his & HGT’s good connections and his frequent visits to Lukla Airport checking the latest news & development. He himself had to stay longer at Lukla and even two days later he wasn’t back at Kathmandu due to the difficult weather conditions end of May, beginning of June and the priority we all as tourists enjoy in contrast to all local guides.

He took care of what I was eating, I could always ask about his opinion, which food would be suitable and there has always been a Goodie of fresh fruit after dinner and some cookies at teatime, both he organized for me himself. It was no problem to ask for a second course no matter whether it was for breakfast, lunch or dinner. It was clearly his attitude to do everything possible from his side to keep me in good shape. When I had some slight problems with headaches in the beginning he asked me each day not only one time how the situation was developing and he carefully watched me how I was doing throughout the whole trek.

Gokyo Lakes
Gokyo Lakes

The Lodges were mostly very good, everybody should be aware that there are some places with lodges of higher standard and other places with lower standards (some villages are famous for it L, read the guidebooks 😉 ), but in General I was very satisfied with their quality. I am not expecting a perfect home away from home in such a remote area and as normally all lodges are only a home for one night (those where we stayed two nights were both of high standard) it should be possible to get along with it for such a short time. Also my experience has been that in those lodges of lower standard only some aspects were not satisfying, not all.

Magnificent view of HImalaya
Magnificent view of Himalaya

Additionally Himalayan Glacier Trekking has already started making a very good job before I arrived in Kathmandu. I had a quite regular email contact to Naba and he was answering all my questions, I had before booking and also before starting the trek, fast and detailed.

Back in Germany I already started thinking about a trek next year in the Annapurna region and I will definitely choose Himalayan Glacier Trekking again. I will contact them in the next month to propel my plans.

Plan Your Holidays for 2013 in Nepal

Are you ready to gear up your holiday within the beauties of South Asia with us? Have you checked your holiday itinerary properly? Please do not miss the opportunities to land enthralling into nature’s calling South Asian Region as your holiday destination for 2013. Join your holiday dream with us and let us revise your upcoming holiday trip. Our professional expert experienced team is to optimize your holiday dreams.

Nepal holidays
Travel with us – Himalayan Glacier

Feel the difference with Himalayan Glacier Trekking that revises your satisfaction paving into unquenchable mystic of Hindu culture and its ancient legacy, and to the heartland of spiritual Buddhist traditions. Further, we pick you up through Everest, the highest peak of the world to the spiritual shrine of the world, Tibet. We rearrange your itinerary to the culturally diverse incredible India to the tranquil untouched heights of wonders of Bhutan.

The cultural diversity and innocence of people, the majesty of Himalayan range and trails of Glacier Peaks and the origin of eastern traditions are calmly waiting to greet you at the heartland of mystic South Asia especially in Nepal.