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Annapurna Trek & Lhasa Overland tour gave me good memories…

Dita Roetert Steenbruggen I would also like to thank you (chet) and your company Himalayan Glacier Trekking for all your information, organizing my treks and tours and help during my stay in Kathmandu. I still have good memories of my Tibet trip (Kathmandu to Lhasa Overland tour ) and my Poonhill trek (Annapurna Trek ) with your company (beginning of December). The Poonhill trek, the mountains, the people, the nature and the whole experience was great! Especially the mountains, I love them! For me, with almost no experience with trekking, it was really a challenge. Sometimes hard (for example the more then 3000 steps to Ulleri) but most of the time manageble. And the view from Poonhill was unforgetable!!
I was very happy that you’ve found a nice and friendly guide for me. Sushil was always happy, singing Nepali songs and polite enough to wait for me after every little break I needed. When I was struggeling with the steps he was trying to help me (for example: making an extra walking stick, or just asking me how I was doing). He has even tried to learn me Nepali but sometimes I needed my energy for walking instead of Nepali lessons.

Kathmandu to Lhasa Overland tour was amazing tour I really enjoyed it too. The Tibetan guide, jeep, driver and all the service was excellent except high altitude.

The places where I’ve been sleeping on trek where sober but fine, after a walk you don’t need more than a shower and a nice bed. The choices of breakfast, lunch and dinner where also fine. I was suprised to see lasagne and mexican food on some menu’s;-)I’ve no complains about the trip or your company, you did very well! I am very satisfied with your company Himalayan Glacier Trekking.

Thanks again for your help! Thank you for sending Sushil (guide) with me during this trek.

Greetings Dita

Dita Roetert Steenbruggen
Van Wassenaerlaan 29
2343 AS Oegstgeest
The Netherlands

After Annapurna Base camp trek

We had an awesome trek to Annapurna Base camp.


We lucked out with perfect weather, and had clear views all along the trail. We so grateful that we were directed to Himalayan Glacier Trekking company and matched up with Iswor as our beat guide. We were a bit apprehensive at first, but all of our fears were allayed as soon as we started. Iswor was amazing guide for Annapurna Base camp Trek. He was very informative, patient, high professional and even taught us some Nepali. Because our entire trip to Nepal was spent trekking, we were so happy to have Himalayan Glacier and Iswor to tell us stories of his life and life of the Nepali people that we would otherwise not have experienced. Iswor treated us like family. We felt like he cared more for us and our wellbeing, than any other guide we saw on the trek. My experience and impression of Nepal is in the highest regard, much due to Iswor. We met an English doctor on the plane on my way home, and he is planning on trekking in Nepal. we immediately gave him Himalayan Glacier agency , Iswor’s name and other information. After telling him our experience with Iswor and his company, he was impressed and wants to contact them when it is time to trek. we plan on always recommending Iswor and his company to friends that want to trek in Nepal.

Elaine N. Chow
Taranto, Canada
May 2009

Annapurna Sanctury Trek – Remembrance for the rest of our lives!

We all enjoy trekking but had only been around in Sweden before. Therefore we wanted to experience trekking abroad. After recommendations from friends, who visitied Nepal and Himalayan Glacier one year earlier, we decided to go to Nepal and do the Annapurna Sanctuary Trek. This was a decision we have not regretted.

We want to thank Himalayan Glacier Trekking for making our trekking experience something to remember for the rest of our lives!

Himalayan Glacier Trekking is a full service company that took care of us from the time that we arrived in Kathmandu until we left.

When we arrived to the airport in Kathmandu we were greeted by our trekking guide who was paitiently waiting for us (our bags were one of the last bags put on the luggage belt).

Prior to the trek Himalayan Glacier Trekking provided a guided one day tour in Kathmandu followed by an excellent welcome dinner. It was interesting to get a view of the city and its history, the people and the culture.

It can sometimes be hard for tourists to know what to bring to a trip like this, especially when you are not familiar with the season and the variable weather conditions. Himalayan Glacier Trekking helped us with all necessary information and also checked our gear before starting the trek.

The Annapurna Sanctuary Trek takes 12 days to accomplish. However, the guide can adapt the trek to the conditions and wishes of the group. Along the trek there were plenty of time to make stops for taking pictures, drinking water and look at the beatiful scenery in front of us. In average we walked about 4-5 hours a day in a landscape that shifted a lot in apperance – rhododendron forests, high peaks, glaciers and hot springs among other things. Breathtaking views!

Arriving to the lodges everything was already set for our stay. The Himalayan Glacier Trekking staff had booked the best rooms for us and most of the lodges had showers with warm water. Very nice after a day of walking!

All the lodges had a meny from which you could order a number of different meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We usually ordered the vegetarian meals which did not make us disappointed. We remember escpecially the vegetarian pizza in Chomrong! So tasty!!!

Both the accommodation and food exceeded all our expectations!

All the staff (manager, guide, sherpas and porters) were very friendly, helpful and answered all the questions that we had about the environment and animals etc but also told us about Nepalesian people and the way they live.

We remember especially one occasion when our credit card got stuck in an ATM and we had given up hope to get it back. When our guide, Kapil, heard about this he immediately contacted the bank and arranged so we could get the card back the next morning. Thank you Kapil for helping us!

Finally we once again want to thank Himalayan Glacier Trekking for arranging such a wonderful and memorable trip for us. We give our best recommendations!

Thanks to  Naba (Travel Manager, Nepal),  Kapil (Nepal Trekking Guide),  Shiba (Assistant Trekking Guide), Ganesh (Assistant Trekking Guide), Raam (Assistant Trekking Guide), Babu (Assistant Trekking Guide)

Greetings from Kristina, Fredrik and Anders from Sweden.

Our second trip across Nepal

We are kindly expressing our huge gratitude to you personally and to all management team of “Himalaya Glacier ” and to the guides of your company, Prem and Suraj for our trip across Nepal. It was absolutely perfectly organized and we are happy to say to you thanks for it. That was our second trip across Nepal and all those cases we’ve been co-operated with the only your company and people above.

There was quite a big number of people in our group from Russia (we had very big group (42 persons) from Moscow.), but all things were organized perfectly and based on the high professional level, including travel route, sightseeing places and all necessary facilities on the trip.



Please give our special thanks to your guides Prem and Suraj for the high professional level and their cordial and absolutely positive attitude for the job. We love your country and we are going back to Nepal very soon for sure. Hope to see you soon,

With warm and friendly greetings,

Maria Razbash
Alexander Sviyash and group
The centre of positive psychology of A. Sviyash March 2009

Pokhara and Annapurna Trek

Thank you very much for organizing our trek from Pokhara. It was the highlight of our visit to Nepal. All air and ground transportation was perfectly arranged, our hotels and guest houses were comfortable, and our guide, Dev Raj Giri, was excellent. His knowledge and consideration for our welfare insured a pleasurable experience. Thank you also for your personal attention to our needs while we were planning our trip, and especially during our entire time in Nepal.


I highly recommend Himalayan Glacier as an excellent tour company for all aspects of travel in Nepal, Bhutan, Sikkim and the surrounding area. I am sure we will be using you again.

Sincerely yours,

Richard McMahon
Hawaiian Trail & Mountain Club
March 2009

Annapurna Sanctuary Trek were a fantastic experience

Thank you very much for your christmas greetings and we wish you all the best for 2008.

First of all, thank you very much for making our 16 days in Nepal such a wonderful experience. Thank you Himalayanglacier for organising our trip and for your friendly and helpful attitude, everything from our first contact before the trip to dropping us off at the airport worked perfectly.

frida and per

And thank you to HGT Staffs for your excellent guiding during the entire trek and for your friendly and helpful attitude. Our 13 days on the Annapurna Sanctuary Trek were a fantastic experience. The trek was a magnificent nature experience with rice terraces, rododhendron forests, Langor monkeys, waterfalls, hot springs, amazing mountain views and much much more – amazing!!

It was very good that we always could set our own pace with numerous breaks for water or taking photos.

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