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Record Sky Diving from Mt. Everest 2008

A historic feat was achieved in adventure tourism this year in Nepal when international sky divers took one of the highest dives on earth from above Mount Everest (8,848m). A total of 32 sky jumpers from 14 different countries took part in what has been termed as ‘record breaking sky diving event’ in the world.

sky diving from mt. everest

New Zealander Wendy Smith, Canadian Neel Jones and Briton Holly Budge created history by sky diving from 1000 feet above Mt. Everest, thereby making a world record.

A Pilatus Porter aircraft, which has the capacity of flying up to 44,000 feet, took the divers above Mt. Everest for the ultimate jump. The first person to do a solo jump was New Zealander Wendy Smith, who is also a World Champion in sky diving. “ I felt both excited and strange at doing this. I had 6 seconds free fall and could clearly look at Mt. Everest,” remarked Smith after the fall.

The aircraft had taken the divers south east of Everest at 12 nautical distance. The landing point was at the Syanboche Airstrip at above 3000m. The sky diving project was planned by Briton Nigel Gifford and was participated by jumpers from Birtain, America, Canada, Pakistan, Iraq, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand among others.

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