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Everest Base Camp Trek

I would like to thank you and everyone Himalayan Glacier for the experience of a lifetime on the 19 day trek to Everest Base Camp. I was on the April 3rd trek to EBC and returned on April 22nd.  I successfully reached Base Camp on April 14th. The trek in the Himalaya’s provides one the opportunity to experience the majesty and the grandeur of the area. The views are absolutely spectacular, and leave you with breath taking images that will last a lifetime.

Starting for everest base camp trekking
Starting for everest base camp trekking

Because I had booked my trip 11 months prior to departure they’re were plenty of opportunities where I had concerns, or needed information from you, and you always made yourself available to me either via email or phone. Which by having you in the US as a point of contact made me feel comfortable in having booked a trip in Nepal via the internet and not through a travel agency. I would start be saying that all the information that HGT provided was accurate and very helpful. You were very helpful in providing me the necessary information regarding my sleep apnea. It was critical for me to have 5-6 hours of electrical charging time in order to re-charge the battery pack for my CPAP machine. HGT checked into it and assured me that I could get my battery pack charged every night(for a price of course). Without this assurance for my doctor, that I was going to be able to use my CPAP machine every night, the trip would not have been possible. I would be putting myself at too great a risk for a life threatening event such as a stroke.

Heading towards Everest Base Camp
Heading towards Everest Base Camp

Another situation worth noting is HGT handled the fact that the person I was being paired up with, for the trek, cancelled just a few days prior to my arrival in Nepal.

Everest Base Camp
Everest Base Camp

HGT offered an option where I would go the EBC via Goyku with another couple  rather than my itinerary or they would honor their commitment of providing me with a guide and porter as a single which of course was more costly for them. I decided to go the EBC via the 19 day trek that I had booked. HGT assigned guide Bam Magar to me. I cannot say enough about how great he was over the entire trek. He is very personable and has a good command of the English language so communication was not an issue. Other guides from other companies that I met who spoke English, could not communicate as well as Bam, so I was very fortunate. He was made aware of my sleep apnea situation by HGT and asked me to show him the equipment. I showed him everything including the battery packs that needed to be charged every night. He understood what needed to be done everyday and made sure I had a fresh battery pack each night of the trek. He was very knowledgeable and kept me informed constantly as we moved along everyday. Because altitude sickness is such a serious situation he would question me about symptoms. He gave me a real sense of
confidence that I was in good hands. When I shared with him that I was making the trek as a fund raising event for Cancer Research and needed to reach EBC he replied, I will get you to EBC. Which he did!!!!

Louis Jacques
April 2012

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