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Discovering Tibet by road

For an epic overland journey along one of the world’s wildest routes, Tibet road-trip is the ideal adventure for you. From remote retreats to pristine views of Everest’s north face, these beautiful strips of pavement weave their way through some of the most gorgeous landscapes, with inspiring images reflecting in your rear-view mirror. The scenic drive will take you past panoramic Himalayan range, turquoise lakes, icy glaciers and spectacular high passes draped with prayer flags. You cannot help but feel transcendental as you experience the raw beauty and inner peace while traveling through this exotic trail.

Discover Tibet by Road

As you travel through the rugged terrains, you unfold the mysteries and stories that surround Lhasa, the heart and soul of Tibet, its ancient monasteries, cultural relics and natural marvels. The trip takes you to some of the fascinating places and sites on your way which includes Nyalam, Dingri, Shegar and Everest Base Camp followed by Shigatse, Gyantse and finally to Lhasa. Surrounded by holy snow mountains on all sides, the lost paradise of Shangri-La is a verdant valley with endless grasslands, azure lakes, pastoral villages, and grand gorges making it one of the unforgettable experiences for you. So fasten your seatbelt if you are up for a road-trip adventure that will keep you yearning for more!

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