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Everest Base Camp Trekking- A must on Your Bucket List

Everest Base Camp trekking should be on everyone’s bucket list. If you love the outdoors and are fit to boot then what is holding you back? Pack your bags, head to Nepal and fall in love with the mountains.

Gokyo lake
One of the five Gokyo lakes on the way to EBC

I was scared of the journey before even undertaking it. I understood that if I was given the opportunity to be so close to Mount Everest then the journey was bound to be difficult. But being an admirer of the mountains there was no way that I was going to let this opportunity pass. I trained for a month. It wasn’t a heavy workout routine. On the contrary, it was quite simple. I ran 1 km everyday and took stairs instead of elevator at work.

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Bhutan Tour and Hikes within Paro Festival

The Bhutan Tour and Hikes within Paro Festival combines Bhutan’s cultural and natural splendor including the attractions of The Paro Tsechu Festival. The tour thrills the visitors the magnificent views of Shangri-La and the religious significance of Paro Tsechu festival. The Bhutan Tour stresses on demystifying Bhutan, a mystic country known as Land of Thunder Dragon. Bhutan is also famous for its pristine religious cultural practices and festivities. Out of number of festivals, the Paro Tsechu Festival is remarkable to unfold its strange Buddhist significance to the native people and international visitors.

Dance of the drum
Dance of the drum during Paro Tsechu Festival

The Paro Tsechu Festival celebrated in the month of March is a Buddhist dance festival and one of the major annual events of Bhutan. The festival holds religious significance. The Paro Tsechu Festival is a wonderful time to visit Bhutan, experience its ancient culture, and get spell bounded in the celebrations. The festival comes alive with vibrant colors, music, dances and drama as people gather to enjoy the masked dances, and other sacred rituals. Likewise, the event is a great time to mix with the locals in the celebration. The various dances invoke the deities to wipe out misfortunes, increase luck and grant personal wishes. The dances that are performed during the festivals are to bless onlookers and to teach them the Buddhist way of life.

World’s Highest Horse Race at Upper Dolpa

World’s Highest Horse Race at Upper Dolpa is a living religious tradition continued for centuries. The horse race at the highest altitude observed every 12 years at the occasion of Shey Dragon Festival. In the pre-modern era, the clansmen and monks of the mystical land of Upper Dolpa used to gather to pray, feast, fight over property. By contrast, the race is organized even today for honor rather than for religious aim or land.

horse race dolpa
Riders competing in the world’s highest horse race

The race is one of the most important events for Buddhist pilgrims. Around 50 cavaliers who have come from tiny villages scattered all over the Himalayas prepare to run over the terrifying course, a narrow strip of rocky river bed 4,300m above sea level in the rarified air of the world’s tallest mountain range. Men in silk head dresses, line up with yak fur, golden chains and icons of the gods of animistic folk religions swinging from their necks gallop away on their ornately adorned ponies. The 1.6 kilometer course is essentially a gorge studded with rocks, ditches and treacherously cold water.

Thousands of monks and other devotees who have walked for days to the Shey Dragon Festival roar on their favorites at the race. Beside horse-racing and prayer, devotees take part in archery competitions and perform traditional dances as well.

The World’s Highest Horse Race at Upper Dolpa is a lucrative time for Tibetan delicacies. Further the race enhance to develop knowledge of the Tibetan culture and of how people there live and spend their time.

Four New Trekking Destinations in Nepal

The newly proposed four potential trekking destinations in Nepal are Ganesh Himal Trek, Lower Manaslu Trek, Dolpa Trek and Lumba Sumba Trek.


Dolpa Trek, with its very rare topography is one of the most interesting trekking destinations in Nepal. Dolpa is behind Himalayan mountains and due to its harsh weather conditions it remains the most inhospitable barren hills to the trekkers. Despite having existed in isolation Dolpa offers mesmerizing majestic hills and the mystery of Lake Phoksundo, the deepest lake of high altitude in the world. Further, the most exotic views of this trekking route are Dho Tarap, a human settlement at the highest altitude in the world, Shey Gumba, religiously the most important Gumba in Nepal, and human life which still revolves around horses, mules, and yaks wearing traditional attire and jewelry.

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Trek to Ghorepani, a Paradise for Short Journey Takers

Trekking from Beni to Ghorepani is a fulfilling experience. It is in fact a paradise for short journey takers like me. For someone who cannot put forward a single step after walking only a few kilometers, the trek to Ghorepani will be a dream come true. So if you are putting off your desire for hiking because of your poor stamina then trust me Ghorepani will work wonders for you as it did for me. However, be sure to carry with you the mountaineering mantra “Take nothing but photographs; leave nothing but footprints”
You have a few route choices you can make on your journey to Ghorepani. You can easily hike towards the destination from Pokhara or you can take a long trip via Beni and enjoy the panoramic villages along the way.

Ghorepani Trek
Ghorepani Trek

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Shivapuri Trek – Short Hiking around Kathmandu

Shivapuri Trek is an outstanding choice for those who are looking for a short hike within limited time. Within Shivapuri Trek hikers can penetrate into popular Shivapuri wildlife reserve, Sundarijal-Shivapuri National Park. Shivapuri situated at an altitude of 2563m north of Kathmandu is second highest hill around Kathmandu valley. Further, Baghdwar, source of holy river Bagmati is also located near Shivapuri.

Shivapuri Trek
Shivapuri Trek

Shivapuri Trek begins at Budhanilkantha from where visitors able to view the central and eastern mountain ranges, the sunrise and sunset. The end of the hike offers one of two options either at Nagarkot or at Dhulikhel. The viewpoint at Nagarkot offers memorable experience of the magic of mountain vista.

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