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Thirty expedition teams reach Mt Everest base camp


SOLUKHUMBU, APR 12 – Some 30 expedition teams have already reached Mt Everest base camp as the new climbing season begins this year.

The number of arrivals is on the rise with the icefall doctors speeding up their work to open the route atop the world’s highest mountain, said member of an expedition team Angphula Sherpa.

More than 800 Nepalis have already reached the base camp to support the expedition team, mainly foreigners. The number of mountaineers is expected to increase as the expedition last season was cancelled after 16 mountaineers and their guide perished in avalanche, added Sherpa. Read More

Scaling Mt Everest this season?

KATHMANDU: With increasing tourism into the thin air of the great mountain ranges of Nepal this Everest Season, the incidences of high altitude illnesses (HAI) are increasing day-by-day. The crux of HAI (in particular AMS, HAPO and HACO) is Hypoxia (lack of oxygen).

Scientific advancements have demonstrated that adverse effects of HAI are potentially preventable. It is imperative for all concerned to enforce and observe preventive measures while climbing in these areas.

The article aims to provide comprehensive instructions on the prevention of adverse effects of high altitude and cold among climbers and trekkers. Read More

Spring climbing kick-starts in style

KATHMANDU: With the start of the year’s spring climbing season, Mt Everest is all set to draw over 300 climbers.

Officials confirmed that most of the mountaineers have already reached Khumbu region for acclimatisation.

According to Gyanendra Shrestha, an official at the Department of Tourism, 287 foreign climbers representing 30 different expedition obtained Everest climbing permits till yesterday. The expeditions, except David Breashears’ single-member team from the US, represent teams comprising four to 14 members, he said.

“Hordes of climbers will be spending nearly two months scaling different peaks, including Mt Everest,” Ang Tashi Sherpa from Lukla told THT. Read More

First IMAX filmmaker at Everest base camp

Mount Everest

Kathmandu: An accomplished filmmaker yesterday reached Mt Everest Base Camp to support icefall doctors in preparing the safest route to the world’s highest mountain.

According to Ang Dorjee Sherpa, Chairman, Sagarmatha Pollution Control Committee, American explorer David Breashears, arrived in Nepal on Friday.

SPCC has been assigned by the government to fix ladders and ropes in the treacherous icefall and manage the garbage deposited by climbers. Read More

10 Lessons from My Week in the 19th Century


Last week, I traveled to a remote village called Bakhrejagat in Nepal with CHOICE Humanitarian on a volunteer expedition; it was like stepping back in time to the 19th century. To quickly put the trip in context, we slept on mats in sleeping bags in improvised dorms in a school house, “showered” by dumping frigid water from a bucket over our heads, and used squat toilets with buckets of water as the flushing mechanism.

Of course, anyone who has been backpacking will recognize that we had it pretty good. Those who think staying at a budget hotel is camping would have found this trip to be an unpleasant challenge.

To a person, those who did go on this expedition were glad to have gone. Read More

6 Awe-Inspiring Natural Phenomena Around the World

By Leigh Ann Henion, author of Phenomenal

Leigh Ann Henion is the author of Phenomenal: A Hesitant Adventurer’s Search for Wonder in the Natural World. It’s a memoir about how—during her first years as a mother—she set out to reawaken her own sense of wonder via the northern lights, a solar eclipse, and other natural phenomena. In her travels, Henion connected with a global subculture of phenomena chasers and heard of many lesser-known marvels. Here, she shares five fantastical phenomena that are still on her list. Read More

Kathmandu in TripAdvisor’s top destinations list


At a time when tourist arrival is decreasing, here is good news for Nepali tourism industry.

TripAdvisor, world’s largest travel site, has listed Kathmandu in the list of 25 destinations in its ‘Travelers’ Choice Destinations 2015′ list. The site has placed Kathmandu 19th position.

TripAdvisor has determined the top 25 destinations using an algorithm that took into account the quantity and quality of reviews and ratings for hotels, restaurants and attractions in destinations worldwide, gathered over a 12-month period. Read More

Tourism sector generated 487,000 jobs in 2014


Nepal’s tourism sector is providing 3.5 percent of the total employment in the country, directly providing 487,000 jobs in 2014, according to a research report published by World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) and research partner Oxford Economics.The report, however, shows that direct job from travel trade sector is decreasing. In 2012, tourism sector had employed 553,500 people. It went down to 504,000 in 2013. However, WTTC expects that number of jobs to increase by 4 percent to 507,000 in 2015.

The report has included jobs provided by hotels and restaurants, travel agents, airlines, passenger transportation services and leisure industries. Read More