Breaking through a cocoon of solitude

August 25, 2014

The entire landscape stands in testimony to the place’s mythical flirtations and spiritual ardor.

Mustang: The Culture and Landscape of Lo’ has over 250 pages and is a rich smorgasbord of culture, religion, geography and history of a place gripped in pristine silence and caught in the time warp of its own, whose appeal to outsiders is heightened by its isolation and exotic remoteness.

As the writer takes you from Jomson at 2,720m to Kora La at 4,660m, he does not just guide you through the geographical twists and turns but also helps you navigate the cultural and historical myths and mysteries painted, carved or embossed on the walls and held up in scriptures and folktales.

The pictures of fluttering colorful prayer flags against the backdrop of deathly still landscape, bare mountains, somber hills, isolated monasteries and chortens are haunting and alluring. The mysteries of the place are further accentuated by the abundant displays of artifacts –murals, statues, wall carvings, fixtures, and so on, in various stages of decay, but which nonetheless concatenate to tell a thriving history and culture buried in time. Read more

An oasis of Peace: Lumbini

August 21, 2014

Lumbini means love in Sanskrit and the place definitely lives up to its name. But more than that, the place provides one with a spiritually uplifting journey as it brings you closer to the origin of Lord Buddha. It was in Lumbini, around the year 563 BC that one of history’s greatest and most revered figures, Siddhartha Gautam, better known as Buddha, was born. As the birthplace of the Lord Buddha – the apostle of peace and light of Asia – the sacred area of Lumbini is one of the holiest places in the world. Lumbini evokes a kind of holy sentiment within millions of Buddhists and Hindus all over the world, like Jerusalem to Christians and Mecca to Muslims.


Lumbini is one of the four Buddhist pilgrimage sites based on major life events of Gautam Buddha. It is not only rich in history but also plays an important role in bringing different countries together. Full of impressive monasteries representing different countries with their unique architecture and art, you are bound to be amazed at the enthralling beauty of it all. Nepal’s monastery stands elegant and inspiring, along with other ornate and tranquil monasteries from Germany, Myanmar and Thailand. Each reflects the unique interpretation of Buddhism and together the monasteries create a fascinating map of world Buddhist philosophy. Read more

Thamel: The most happening area in Kathmandu

July 2, 2014

Every weekend, cab drivers line up in an intersection just beside the Narayanhiti Museum where it’s packed with people of all ages swarming the glittering and magical streets of what is known these days as local Las Vegas—Thamel.

In the core of the valley surrounded by nature, traffic and hotels, Thamel stands tall, the only one of its kind in the culturally rich country of Nepal. It almost serves as a utopia for the locals as well as the numerous tourists that the capital welcomes each day. This little piece of heaven in the heart of the city illuminates every night, and mostly the weekends look like scenes straight out of our TV screens. Every Friday, the restaurants, bars and clubs look like they’ve been set for a festival—with little flickering lights and peppy music pulling our attention, everything feels awesome.


The aroma and the aura of Thamel at around 9:30 PM during the weekends are to die for. Everyone is sociably drunk and hyped up because of the atmosphere that particularly surrounds this little area. Varying genre of music that leaks from here and there gives the streets and alleys of Thamel its signature atmosphere, while all the good looking guys and girls from schools, colleges, workplaces and even retired people strolling around make Thamel look like the ultimate place to be. Read more

Experience the jungle this monsoon

June 20, 2014


If you are looking for a jungle experience this monsoon, then Chitwan is where you should be headed to. Set right in the heart of Nepal down in the humid plains, Chitwan offers one of Asia’s best wildlife-viewing spots. These subtropical plains hide an array of wildlife worthy of The Jungle Book. Nature buffs from around the world come here to scan the treetops for exotic bird species and comb the jungles for rhinos and tigers from the backs of lumbering elephants. There’s plenty to keep you busy here, from joining the elephants at bath time to visiting local Tharu villages, and the brave can even take a guided walk through the jungle, surrounded by the hoots and roars of the forest. Read more

Following Buddha’s footsteps

June 15, 2014


A spirtual odyssey, this pilgrimage tour takes you into a journey through time as you retrace the footsteps of Lord Buddha. A meditation on the road, this tour traverses through four significant pilgrimage sites marking various epochs of Buddha’s life- Lumbini (birth place of Buddha), Kushinagar (death site of Buddha), Bodhgaya (where Buddha attained enlightenment) and Sarnath (Buddha’s first sermon). Discover the universal truths and acquire the divine Buddhist wisdom as you travel through Southern Nepal, Gangetic plains of Northern India and pay homage to the sanctified Buddhist sites. For those who wish to get closer to the world beyond and are in search of Nirvana, our ‘Footsteps of Buddha Tour’ might just be the soul-cleansing experience that you have been looking for. Read more

Nepal Village Home Stay Tour: The Perfect Escape

June 2, 2014


Soak up the untainted culture of this under-the-radar village in Sirubari with our home stay program. Discover the local culture and experience life in the countryside the Nepali way! Our Nepal Village Home-Stay program offers an opportunity to be a part of the fascinating ethnic Nepalese village within the remote vicinity of Trans-Himalayan region whereby you can observe the genuine Nepalese culture and tradition at its best.

Sirubari village, located at a distance of three hours walk from the beautiful lake-city – Pokhara, is nestled beneath the snow-crested Annapurna massif. The village comprises of untouched Gurung settlement set against glorious Himalayan vistas allowing you to live and thrive in the rich Gurung culture bringing you closer to the locals. Read more

Bhaktapur: A journey through time

May 15, 2014



Known as the city of medieval art, Bhaktapur is the third of the medieval city states located 14 km east of Kathmandu. This best-preserved medieval town bursts with temples, pagodas and ornate pools. Formerly known as ‘Bhadgaon’ or ‘Khowpa’ in Newari meaning ‘City of Devotees’, Bhaktapur is filled with monuments, carved wooden columns, palaces and temples with elaborate carvings, gilded roofs and open courtyards. The city is dotted with pagodas and religious shrines flaunting rich history and vibrant culture in every nook and cranny, making it a living heritage. Read more

Visit the past at City Museum Kathmandu

May 5, 2014

City Museum Kathmandu (CMK) will be open to the public from today with personalized guided tours available for everyone.
The museum’s founding collection is based on museum director Kashish Das Shrestha’s family archives. Shrestha will be available for tours and questions by visitors.

“The Museum is designed to provide a sense of the past so we can understand our present and plan for our sustainable future better, using photography as a the primary medium. As the fastest urbanizing country in South Asia today, Nepal must engage in this discourse, and we hope CMK will inspire reflection and debate at all levels,” says Shrestha. Read more