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Pullahari—The monastery and its architectural influences

Pullahari monastery, built high on a ridge in the northern hills surrounding the Kathmandu Valley, is at the apex of the three monasteries situated in that area, starting from the Kopan monastery, which is lower down, followed by a closed off, mysterious monastery reputed to conduct esoteric tantric practices (this could be an urban myth, I have only heard anecdotal evidence supporting this theory). Read More

Adventure Holiday in Nepal


A heady mix of culture, adventure and wildlife, discover Nepal through the adventurous trail and unfold a diverse line-up of spell-binding experiences. Many wonders and mysteries await you in this trip!

Begin your adventure in the fascinating Kathmandu city and marvel at the surrounding exotica. With close to 3,200 temples, stupas, and shrines of various shapes and sizes scattered throughout the squares and the fascinating backstreets in and outside the old city, there’s something about Kathmandu that just lures you back, time and again. Gear up for some adrenaline rush as you paddle through the turbulent waters while rafting in raging Bhotekoshi river. Read More

Jungle Safari in Nepal


Nepal not only offers you the glorious mountain trekking and raging white-water rafting, but also a fine selection of pristine national park for adventurous jungle safari. Nepal has 14 national parks and wildlife reserves. And most of which have dense tropical jungles teeming with diverse wildlife and exotic birds. Well, you can ride on elephant back or drive four-wheeler to view wildlife and their habitats. You can either canoe or enjoy bird-watching. Definitely, you can have the most memorable nature walks, village and cultural tours, bird watching excursions and so on. Nepal is the home of flora and fauna. Various national parks of Nepal have been preserving this amazing natural heritage. Read More

Discovering Himalayan Treasures: Bhutan, Nepal and Tibet Tour

Tigers Nest Monastery

Unravel the mystery that surrounds the Himalayan nations of South Asia as we take you through Bhutan, Nepal and Tibet all in one visit. This bespoke journey features some of our favorite spots in the former Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal, Tibet: the Roof of the World and Bhutan: the land of the thunder dragon. Begin your adventure in Bhutan and experience the vibrant culture, natural landscape, exquisite heritage and exotic cities this mystical kingdom has to offer. Explore the major Bhutanese townships of Paro, Thimphu and Punakha, hike the incredible Tiger’s Nest monastery and pay your respect to some of the ancient temples and dzongs while in here. Read More

Nuwakot, an authentic taste of rural Nepal

Nepalese sunrises are part of many a tourist itinerary. The popular hilltops of Pokhara and Nagarkot, just outside Kathmandu, are often crammed with early-morning sun seekers. Nuwakot is different; the dawn breaks in silence above Malika Hill, the shades in the sky changing from reds to oranges as if someone were adjusting the contrast in photo editing software, while mountains are seemingly afloat in a thick blanket of cloud. The snow-capped Himalayas form a fitting backdrop. Read More

Chitwan observes annual Elephant Festival this week

KATHMANDU, DEC 23 – The annual Chitwan Elephant Festival is being held from December 26 at Baghmaar Community Forest, Sauraha. The festival, aimed at both local and international tourists, is being organised for the 11th time this year. The festival will see many activities and competitions involving elephants and humans collaborating together.

The elephant race is the prime attraction of this year’s festival. The organisers have stated that the race will be held on a one-way track this time around. Read More

Photo feature: Of colors bright

Believed to be the Amazon of Asia, Nepal is endowed with rich biodiversity and diverse landscape. Nepal is home to some of the most exotic wildlife animals such as tigers, rhinos, leopards etc. including a staggering 867 species of birds which constitutes for 8% of the total bird species found worldwide. Here are some of the enigmatic birds from Nepal captured in pictures for you:

White-Rumped Shama
The White-Rumped Shama is native to densely vegetated habitats in the Indian Subcontinent and Southeast Asia, and it is popular as a cage bird and songster. Males are glossy black while females are grayish-brown. Both sexes have a black bill and pink feet

Read More