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Mount Everest – 30 Miraculous Facts Amazing Records & Extremes

Mount Everest is the highest mountain peak on the planet with a startling height of 8,848 meters – a fact that probably everyone is familiar. In fact, there are bountiful records and feats achieved by several mountaineers en route to the top of the world. Following are some of the spellbinding and atypical facts about the Giant of them all:

  1. The name ‘Everest’ was given to the mountain in 1865 after British Surveyor General of India, Sir George Everest.
  2. Locally, Everest is popularly known as ‘Sagarmatha’ in Nepali and ‘Chomolungma’ in Tibetan.
  3. On 23rd May 1953, Edmund Hillary from New Zealand and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa from Nepal successfully ascended the highest peak of the world. The team comprised an additional 13 mountaineers, one journalist, 20 Sherpa guides and 362 local porters.
  4. Due to the devastating earthquake in 2015, it was the first time after 1974 that no one climbed to the top of the highest peak, during this year.
  5. In 2011, two Nepali men, Sano Babu Sunuwar and Lakpa Tsheri Sherpa climbed Mount Everest and then proceeded to paraglide off of the summit. Then, they hiked and kayaked to the Bay of Bengal, winning the award of National Geographic Adventurers of the Year.
  6. At the summit of Everest, one can experience a 3G mobile phone coverage, which in itself is a grand triumph.
  7. Italian mountaineer Reinhold Messner, along with Austrian Peter Habeler climbed Mount Everest, without oxygen
  8. Messner was also the first successful solo climber to the peak, which he achieved in the year 1980.
  9. In 2005, Didier Delsalle landed a helicopter on the summit of Mount Everest. Two days later he did it again, proving that it was just not a fluke.
  10. Scott E. Parazynski is the only person to have flown in spaceand successfully climbed Mount Everest.
  11. Babu Chiri Sherpa ascended Mount Everest 10 times by the age of 30 and once stayed on the summit for 21 hours, the longest time by anyone ever! Sadly, on his last ascent, he fell into a crevasse and died while taking photographs.
  12. There is a small jumping spider named Euophrys omnisuperstes, which lives at elevations up to 6,700 meters on Mount Everest. It is the highest known permanent resident of the earth!
  13. Yuichiro Miura holds the title of ‘The oldest person to summit Mount Everest.’ He gained this title at the age of 70 for the first time, and then recaptured it at 75, furthermore again at 80!
  14. An unidentified corpse wearing green boots was identified somewhere in the mountains, which later became a landmark and named Green Boots even to this day. In May 2014, Green Boots was reported missing, presumably removed or buried.
  15. Attempting to climb Everest is banned to those who have not previously reached an altitude equaling at least 6, 500 meters.
  16. The World’s highest webcam at Kala Patthar provides one of the best vantage points of Mount Everest.
  17. Sir Edmund Hillary’s son, Peter, has also climbed Mt. Everest, not only once but five times commencing in 1990.
  18. The fastest descent from the peak was made in only 11 minutes! It was a Frenchman Jean-Marc Boivin, who paraglided down in 1988.
  19. In 2010, Jordan Romero became the youngest person to reach the top of Everest at the age of 13.
  20. Apa Sherpa, a 57-year-old Nepali, summited the Mt. Everest 21 times and held the record for the most number of times of ascent till 2013.
  21. Junko Tabei, from Japan, is the first woman ever to climb Mt Everest. She achieved this feat in 1975.
  22. Similarly, another plausible record was achieved by an American Erik Weihenmayer in 2001 for being the first blind person to reach the top of the world.
  23. In 1924, George Mallory, 37, and Andrew Irvine, 22, disappeared on their expedition to Everest. Whether they reached the summit remains a mystery. In 1999, Mallory’s body was found at 27,000ft.
  24. Pem Dorjee Sherpa and Moni Mulepati became the first couple to get married at the top of Mount Everest, in 2005.
  25. The record for the most numbers of people reaching the top was set on 10th of May 1993, where a total of 40 climbers ascended the peak that day.
  26. Mark Inglis, a New Zealander became the first double amputee to reach the summit in 2006.
  27. In October 1950, expeditions from the north were prohibited after China invaded Tibet. The same year, Nepal opened up access to Everest’s south side.
  28. In 2000, Davo Karnicar from Slovenia was the first person to ski down Everest.
  29. The only climber to scale all four sides of Everest is Kushang Sherpa.
  30. Tenzing Norgay unsuccessfully tried to get to the top of Everest six times before reaching it with Hillary.

10 Facts about Namche Bazaar for a Trekker in the Everest Region

Namche Bazaar (3,440m) is a tourist hub and the most popular resting stop in the Khumbu region. This hilly settlement is shaped like a horse shoe and positioned in a very unconventional location. Immediately west of this bustling town is Kongde Ri (6,187m) and to the east is Thamserku (6,608m). In addition to the abundant hotels and lodges, Namche boasts of three small museums, a stupa, a monastery, several bakeries (cafes) and many well-stocked stores. Here, trekkers can access the modern communication facilities to stay connected to the outside world.

Namche Bazaar, a gateway to the high Himalayas and known for offering wonderful views of the snow-capped peaks, is considered to hold the distinction of being the wealthiest district in Nepal. It is in fact, a junction of trekking trails where different Everest trek routes are diverged.

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10 incredible facts about Great Himalaya Trail

Great Himalaya Trail is one of the longest and highest footpaths on earth, and likely the most dramatic, traversing the entirety of Nepal from east to west in the shadows of the world’s highest peaks. For those looking for the cutting edge of adventure trek, Nepal’s Great Himalaya Trail (GHT) presents the opportunity of a lifetime. Winding beneath the world’s highest peaks and visiting some of the most remote communities on earth, the trail passes through lush green valleys, arid high plateaus and incredible landscapes in the Himalayas. The 10 incredible facts about Great Himalaya Trail are presented here.

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Most popular trekking trails to the Everest

Everest region is without doubt one of the most renowned trekking destinations in the world. The region is an area of high mountains, Sherpa villages, steep trails, but above all, incredible vistas. The Everest region offers a wide range of trekking experiences. From the Everest Base Camp Trek to trekking in remote semi-wilderness areas, there is much to choose from. The ease or difficulty of Everest trekking depends entirely on the route that you have chosen with the main trekking trails to Everest Base Camp being more difficult or the route to the pristine Gokyo valley being the easier choice. The trail from Salleri is also endowed with many conveniently located teahouses. Other trekking routes will, however, almost certainly require camping gear which means organizing trekking staff and equipment. The 7 popular trekking trails to the Everest region are shown here.

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The North or the South face? Pick your side of the Everest story

Climbing Everest is undeniably glorious and considered a rare feat. However, to touch base with the highest mountain of the world, at the base camp is also a matter of pride and a sublime experience in its own. While EBC is a destination for trekkers, it is a fort from where the ambitious summiteers get ready to battle the countless difficulties on their way up to conquer Everest.

The ascent to the Everest base camp via the familiar route from Nepal entails an 8 to 10 days trek including minimum days for acclimatization before you may reach the base camp. On the flipside, you may reach the Northern base camp without any trek, in the comfort of your vehicle. It may come as a pleasant respite for those aspiring to reach the base camp, but overwhelmed by the sheer number of trekking hours form the Southern face. However, both the routes offer an experience worth reminiscing over a lifetime.

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Top 5 Base Camps Treks in Nepal

Legions of trekkers are drawn to the Himalaya’s most iconic and accessible hiking, some of the world’s best, with rugged trails to Everest, the Annapurna and beyond. Nowhere else can you trek for days or even weeks against the backdrop of some of the world’s most glorious Himalayan vistas. Here are some of the best  pathway for trekking in Nepal that takes you to the base of some of the celebrated mountains.

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