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Everest view Luxury lodge including Thame

My son, Graham, and I had a marvelous trip to Nepal.
Everything Tony and the Nepal staff planned for us was terrific. Tony was always available by phone to answer my many questions prior to the trip.

He was very professional and was able to share his knowledge of the area. Having Tony here in the USA, and speaking with him on a regular basis made me switch our trip from REI to your company.

Everest view Luxury lodge
Everest view Luxury lodge

Our city tour with Kapil Pandey was so informative, he did such a good job in educating us about life in Kathmandu.

We really enjoyed the many places he took us to visit, especially the river area and the temples.

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Mera Peak Climbing

I have no complaints about the trek.I do not expect “perfection” from organisers or clients-but as long as its 90% good,then the trip will be a success.

The key positive:

The quality of the guide and the porters (as well as their seamless interaction) in terms of helpfulness and mountain experience, always focusing on the objective of the client and never exhibiting negative attitude.This was awesome.

Mera Peak Climbing
Mera Peak Climbing

The observation:
The equipment used even by the experienced guides,is sometimes lacking in standard.With a European perspective,there were places I would expect more security (ropes/crampons etc) but I assume this is a cultural thing in Nepal.Each region have different approaches to low and high risk scenarios.

This was probably a result of my stomach not being in good shape,but I would have hoped for a slightly more diverse menu.Ultimately,everything tasted the same-and I know this is partly due to altitude,boiling temperature,difficulty of transportation etc- but compared to treks in Latin America- there seems to be less focus on counting carbs/protein/energy etc.I do not think this was unique to the chef,who did a very good job in challenging conditions.

Thanks also to you for responding very well to questions from impatient clients etc and of course to the country of Nepal for offering such amazing scenery and hospitality.

I am going to Argentina in February and hope to be back to Nepal next October with skies.

We shot a very funny little film on the top of Mera Peak and he wanted to see it.I have just placed it on YOUTUBE and you can all see it.

The link is:


Everest Base Camp Trek: Incredible Experience

Trekking to the Everest base camp in Nepal with Himalayan Glacier Trekking was an incredible experience. They were very helpful before the trip, met us at the airport, got us settled in, and made us feel like valued guests the entire time.

Everest Base Camp
Everest Base Camp

I was very impressed with the quality and professionalism of their entire staff including guides who were all excellent. They are very focused on their clients and will do whatever they can to make sure you have an enjoyable and successful trip. That total commitment to their guests was demonstrated when upon seeing that most in our group were over 60 they shuffled schedules to give us one of their most experienced guides. They went out of their way to insure we safely completed our goal of trekking to Everest base camp.

Everest Base Camp Trek
Everest Base Camp Trek

This is not a cut rate trekking agency. Himalayan Glacier Trekking has excellent customer service. Accommodations in Kathmandu were above average and they provided the most comfortable accommodations available during the trek. Other companies try to offer lower prices by cutting costs wherever they can but I appreciated the extra care and comfort provided by Himalayan Glacier Trekking.

Our guide Devraj Giri and assistant guide Chitra took excellent care of us. They were constantly on the lookout for our wellbeing and comfort. Their goal was to make sure we were healthy, comfortable, and successfully made it to Everest base camp. Chitra did an amazing job of keeping a steady slow pace that we could all manage, Giri made sure we were healthy and provided any medication we needed for altitude or tummy problems. Giri handled every detail along the way so all we had to do was enjoy the scenery. At the tea houses each day Giri checked on the kitchen staff to make sure our meals were properly prepared, and when the dining room stove was lit they somehow made sure we all had a seat around the fire.

I can highly recommend Himalayan Glacier Trekking. Their focus on customer service is amazing.

Nepal and Bhutan Tour

I’m just in love with Nepal – is a fantastic country, which attracts over again. I was in Nepal for 7 times and I want to again and again. I am very grateful to us, because we always travel around with them. So cool, we were looked after, offer the best hotels, accompaniment.
In no other country. Where we were (and already toured half the world exactly) there was good and comfortable there. Our every wish is taken into account, always very friendly and love
Thank you very much Naba and Vlad. We are sure to come. Only with you.
Good luck and prosperity
Maria P

View of Boudha Temple
View of Boudha Temple

Nepal – a beautiful country, full of discoveries for the tourist. A properly designed and organized program allowed it to see different parts of Nepal, and every day more and more fall in love with this country.
I do not have the habit of returning to the country where I already was, but in Nepal I’d like to return.
I want to thank our guide, Vlad, who was always ready to fulfill all of our requests. Thanks for the great hotel with lovely views. Thank you very much for the excellent organization of the company, a wonderful driver, with whom we feel safe, in spite of the difficult road of the country.
Helen L.

View of Naytapol Temple
View of Naytapol Temple

I’ve been in a fabulous location – Nepal, where the highland paradise in the monasteries and stupas are located near a number of mud and overcrowded houses in the valleys. It is here that you realize the joy of existence on this earth, you begin to ask yourself important questions, and find time to get the answers. Time does not flow in Nepal as elsewhere. I’d love to come back to Nepal I go to a new life after Nepal.
Alexander D

Bhaktapur Durbar Square
Bhaktapur Durbar Square

I thank Mary Rasbash and Centre A. Sviyasha for a magical journey of my life. Always well-organized and sophisticated and dynamic. Looking back, it’s hard to believe that so many impressions fit in one trip.
This time, I discovered the wonderful country of Bhutan. Magical and amazing. Nepal was in the second RNase and I’m even more in love with him.
Thank you for the opportunity to travel with you. I love to see you halfway around the world and was happy to see the rest


Tiger's Nest Bhutan
Tiger’s Nest Bhutan

Grateful for the opportunity to visit two interesting countries: Nepal and Bhutan.

The trip was so intense and exciting, adventurous and informative, which is still in my head sounds sounds of mantras, in the heart forever settled melody mountain winds, but at heart opened one more note of self-knowledge. After all, with this, I went to the training of Mary Rasbash ‘Find my purpose, “to travel in remote areas of Nepal, enigmatic and mysterious and fantastic Bhutan.

Punakha Dzong
Punakha Dzong

Opening yourself happened gradually, I learned to read the signs, realized his desire to formulate appropriate goals, and most importantly to meet interesting and diverse people. I am pleased to share their emotions, they overwhelm me. Words can not describe the natural beauty of Nepal and Bhutan. But it is those places gave me the energy that allowed me to decide in my endeavors. I boldly go together with their destiny ahead! I trust the universe
Mary is grateful for the many Razbash tips and advice for organizing the trip and for the cognitive training.

Annapurna Circuit Trek Review

As I indicated before, you did an exceptional job of turning our trip around. We had planned on Everest Base Camp (EBC), but planes could not land in Lukla for about 7 days. We had to make a decision whether to wait for EBC, or transfer all energy and thoughts into Annapurna. Bertie and I chose Annapurna Circuit, and the rest of the trekkers who were assigned in our group went with us. Amazingly, Naba was able to provide an extra guide (Hira, for Bertie and me) and necessary porters for Annapurna Circuit. Luckily we had booked with HGT, a substantial trekking firm, and Naba was able to turn everything around from EBC to Annapurna Circuit in a very short period of time.

Annapurna Circuit Trek
Annapurna Circuit Trek

Our experience in Nepal, and especially Annapurna Circuit was a wonderful success and an endearing experience.

I don’t think anything would have made this trip better than it was. Hira, our guide, was excellent and astute to our needs, and made the trek absolutely wonderful. Pasuram, our porter, was a “Rock Star Porter” who was personable and just awesome. Our route was well planned, and when we got ahead of schedule, Hira was able to call by mobile phone and adjust reservations. Just amazing.

Annapurna Circuit Trek
Annapurna Circuit Trek

I hope to return in 2014 and would not mind a repeat on Annapurna Circuit, adding a few things that we did not have time to do. I would want to be in a trekking group with Hira, for sure.

I have been in email contact with the 3 Brazilians who were part of our trekking group. They absolutely felt Annapurna Circuit was the best for this year. And because HGT did such a good job in rescheduling from EBC, I am sure they will plan their return to EBC in 5 years with HGT. Good PR for you. Also, Jen and Steve (from NYC) also felt that doing Annapurna Circuit was the best thing for this year, and I know they will also return to do EBC and will book again with HGT. Naba did a great job for all of us who had planned on EBC this year.

Annapurna Circuit Trek
Annapurna Circuit Trek

Thank you. You have all my confidence for the best experience in Nepal. Naba has suggested Tibet. I love Nepal – but Tibet would be something new. But I need the trekking; I leave Nepal feeling happy and healthy. A jeep tour just would not do that.

Happy Holidays from the States!

Paula Lutz

Everest Base Camp Trek – Steve Graff

I would like to thank everyone at HGT for the fine service your company provided for my recent Everest Base Camp Trek. I have nothing but the highest regard for everyone in your company, from the office staff to the porters, to the trek leader and the assistant leader.

At Everest Base Camp Trek
At Everest Base Camp Trek
Everest Base Camp Elevation
Everest Base Camp Elevation

Specifically, I would like to make the following observations/comments:

  • Being met at the airport by Giri with a garland of flowers was a great way to begin the experience.
  • The Hotel Shanker exceeded my expectations. The accommodations were quite comfortable, clean, and conveniently located. The buffet breakfasts were excellent and the hotel staff most helpful and courteous.
  • Our tour of Kathmandu was excellent and most informative. Our guide was quite knowledgeable.
  • The dinner out the first night was first rate, and I enjoyed the dance performance. (You might want to include this highlight in your brochure.)
  • Going to the office, meeting the staff, and then being issued our duffel bags, sleeping bags and jackets was efficient.
  • The morning flight to Lukla was exciting, Giri helped to minimize the stress of the “crazy” airport scene and the handling of our luggage. I would suggest that the luggage be weighed the night before at the hotel to avoid last minute problems of being overweight and having to rush to remove items.
  • Getting started on the trek the first day was so very exciting. I will never forget my first impressions of the mountains, trails and people of Nepal as we set out.
  • My traveling companions, couples from Germany and Australia, were most gracious and enjoyable. They always made me fell welcome, though I was far older and single.
  • The method of having the assistant leader, Uttar set a deliberate pace with Giri at the end of the group was perfect. The group kept together and the pace was never too fast or too slow. The rest stops were also well conceived, giving us a chance to catch our breath and to enjoy the scenery.
  • Giri is simply the best. He was always attentive to our needs, especially our health and safety. When I experienced stomach problems, he offered excellent advice which helped to get me through it. When I developed double vision, as a result of altitude, he kept a very close watch on me, assuring that my symptoms did not get worse. He is a gentleman and professional of the highest caliber.
  • The lodgings were well chosen, and my room was always clean and comfortable. The food at all of the lodges was quite good.
  • I want to thank HGT for providing single accommodations for me without the supplement fee.
  • I was not prepared for the primitive toilet facilities, however, as we got further along. These facilities were especially difficult when I came down with diarrhea. I find no fault with HGT on this, but a more specific description in your brochure might have made me better prepared as to what to expect.
  • The final lunch together at Kilroy’s was fabulous, and this is another highlight which could be added to the brochure. It was a wonderful (and delicious) way to end our experience together.
  • The trek was more difficult than I expected, mostly because I became ill. I am very pleased that I was able to reach EBC and will never forget that very special day and accomplishment.
  • Nepal is a beautiful and breathtaking. Thanks to HGT, I am fortunate to have seen some of the greatest mountains on our planet. The people of Nepal are gracious and friendly, and so very hard working. I was inspired by their faith.
Steve Graff at Sagarmatha National Park
Steve Graff at Sagarmatha National Park
Steve Graff with Guide Giri at Everest Base Camp
Steve Graff with Guide Giri at Everest Base Camp

Thank you once again for the experience of a lifetime. I’m only sorry that I waited until I was 66 years old to make this trip. I will gladly recommend HGT to any of my friends who might plan to make the journey, or you may use me as a referral.

Very sincerely,
Steve Graff
Poughkeepsie, NY

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