Amazing Adventure

August 18, 2014

Vidya and the entire Himalayan Glacier team. Our sincere apologies for not writing sooner. As soon as we returned home we had to move to a new house and we had some other family issues to attend to.

Thank you thank you thank you. Kevin and I had a wonderful time. We saw so many things that we have talked with our friends about endlessly since returning. From the monasteries, to the caving, to of course Mt. Everest we were in awe in all of the itinerary items. Kathmandu was great, as well as Lhasa. So much culture, but you can defiantly see how they are adjusting to modernization like the rest of us.



Our favorites were of course, everest, the potola palace, canyoning, and the safari. Our guides were great. Our guide in Tibet was amazing! He knew so much, and for where he lacked in English made of for it in character. Read more

TAC-TIC: Journey to Everest

July 27, 2014

So you have heard a lot about Everest, the triumphant ascents and treks but never had a chance to go yourself? Don’t worry because our clients not only made it to the mighty Base Camp but have brought the Everest with them. Through their insightful documentary on ‘TAC-TIC Journey’ as they put it to the Everest Base Camp (EBC), allow us to bring the Everest to you.


The team of seven (Dale Kirsop, Amy Johnston, Jonathan Hollis, Neil Hunter, Guy Cooke, Patrick Cronin and Paula Bloodworth) were up for the mighty challenge to the EBC (5-18 May, 2013). You can feel the excitement as they make their way through the only international airport in Kathmandu. Nervousness washes over the team as they board their flight to Lukla, allegedly the most dangerous airport in the world. They make their way through Sagarmatha National Park in high spirits upon landing in Lukla. Fascinated as they pass by yaks, long swaying bridges and spinning prayer wheels for good karma along the way, they were invincible until they encountered altitude sickness.

With increasing elevations, some of them felt sick and almost powerless on the face of the mighty Everest. Tears were shed and spirits were low but as they got higher, with base camp getting closer with each step and the elusive Everest drawing them in, they were unstoppable. With their final footstep to the base camp, they experienced their larger than life moment. Check the following documentary to get a true feel of the Everest Base Camp:


Our Nepal Trek With Himalayan Glacier

May 26, 2014

We did the Everest Base Camp (“EBC”) via Gokyo Lakes trek with Himalayan Glacier. The mountain scenery was spectacular! Because we opted for an all-inclusive package, we have only limited info/knowledge regarding matters like air tickets to/from Lukla, hiring guides and porters, arranging permits, selecting accommodation, etc. We will talk about what trek we did and why, and we will share any insights gained. This post will be an overview and is heavy on the practical info. We will cover the segments in other posts with lots more photos.


We did the Everest Base Camp (“EBC”) via Gokyo Lakes trek with Himalayan Glacier. The mountain scenery was spectacular! Because we opted for an all-inclusive package, we have only limited info/knowledge regarding matters like air tickets to/from Lukla, hiring guides and porters, arranging permits, selecting accommodation, etc. We will talk about what trek we did and why, and we will share any insights gained. This post will be an overview and is heavy on the practical info. We will cover the segments in other posts with lots more photos.

Read more

Cross country trip with HGT: Road to Perfection!

May 15, 2014

Two friends and I recently returned from HGT’s 25-day four-country cultural tour: northern India, Bhutan, Nepal, and Tibet — including a visit to Mt. Everest Base Camp on the Tibet side and an overnight at the historic Rongbuk Monastery Guest House. Travel in Tibet — especially at the higher altitude in the Everest environ — was physically, emotionally and culturally challenging but beyond memorable. The entire 25 days constituted the trip of a lifetime. None of those positive feelings would have been possible without the expert, diligent, precise, conscientious planning of Himalayan Glacier Trekking (HGT). Our party of three is “of an age,” and HGT worked with us for months in advance to tweak the itinerary to meet our desires and needs, especially to optimize our opportunities to adjust to higher altitudes.

HGT arranged for all visas except India (which must be done directly), secured needed permits for Tibet, and lined up excellent guides and drivers in all four countries. The logistics were daunting, but HGT never missed a beat. We were greeted at every airport by smiling HGT guides, who not only looked after our needs but were flexible in making on-the-spot changes as needed.

Executive staff at HGT are engaged as well. We met several times with Mr. Naba, the chief operations officer, when we were in Kathmandu. He supplied in-person, practical cautions before our trip to Tibet and Mt. Everest. When I came down with a mild case of altitude sickness, he made sure I received first-rate medical care as soon as possible.

Ms. Vidya of HGT planned our complicated itinerary and attended to the thousands of details that make for a smooth trip. When I look back on it, I can’t believe that all the logistics went so smoothly on such a lengthy trip, in four different countries.

I give Himalayan Glacier Trekking an A+ for customer service and satisfaction, for knowing their business, and for getting us around and back safely.

Carol T.

Samantha’s account of Everest Base Camp trek

May 8, 2014


Arguably the most famous trekking route in the world, Everest Base Camp trek unfolds with air of mystery and grandeur. Being the tallest mountain in the world, Mount Everest has a mystique and worldwide reputation that sets it apart from any other mountain. EBC trek follows in the footsteps of legends such as George Mallory, Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay as you ascend from verdant Lukla to the vast glaciers and razor-sharp ridgelines of the Everest Himalayas. This is perhaps the definitive Himalayan trek, climbing from teahouse to teahouse amidst snow peaks to the base of the tallest mountain on earth. It is without a doubt one of the most sought after trekking route in the world and the ultimate opportunity for one to be at the foot of world’s highest mountain. Read more

Extremely Well Organized

February 14, 2014

All of us are extremely impressed at the way Rishi and Min guided us on the Lang Tang Trek. Everything was extremely well organised from beginning to end and the judgement Rishi showed in various situations where we were snowed in and somebody had slight signs of altitude sickness was absolutely spot on. The environment of the trek itself is spectacular, but we knew that would be so. The food was good and the accommodation fine.

However, we could not have done it without your help and if we do another trek in Nepal, Tibet or Ladakh, we will certainly seek out your help.


Greg Bailey

Trip to Nepal

December 3, 2013

We returned yesterday from our trip to Nepal, followed by a short visit with our family in the Netherlands.

We cannot say enough about your company and the wonderful people who are part of Himalayan Glacier Trekking.  From the moment we corresponded with you, we felt that we were in excellent hands. All this on very short notice!

Upon arrival in Kathmandu after three long flights, Tulsi was there with a big smile to greet us with beautiful garlands.  The Shanker hotel was lovely and very accommodating.  We were very happy with the comprehensive tour provided by your guide Buddi (spelling?) the following day.  He was extremely knowledgeable and we even got to see the Kumari godess in Durbar Square!

Our stay in Pokhara at the Barahi Hotel was exceptional (it’s location is in fact nicer than the Kailash which was originally planned for us).  I believe that Tulsi was instrumental in securing this reservation for us on very short notice when he found that there was no room at Kailash as we drove back from Nayapul.  The setting provided a peaceful environment even though it was located in the center of town.  When we returned from our trek, we also used the spa for a well deserved massage.  The staff is truly welcoming and the restaurant offers excellent choices.  I would strongly recommend this hotel over Kailash for your future clients.

Annapurna Sunrise Trek

Annapurna Sunrise Trek


Our trek was eventful as well as beautiful.  Upon the recommendation of a Dutch fellow who was sitting next to me on the plane, Narayan made it possible for us to start the Annapurna Sunrise trek from Phedi so that we could ascend more slowly – rather than on the Nayapul side.  This proved extremely helpful as when the route got steeper, I developed issues with my heart requiring me to stop frequently.  This was totally unexpected and disconcerting to the four of us and I must say that in addition to Kirsten, Tulsi and Jay were extremely professional in dealing with this.  They also took good care of us at our lodgings, making sure we were comfortable with extra blankets and masala tea.  We developed a close relationship with them and we miss them! We thoroughly enjoyed seeing the sunrise over Annapurna South and Machhapuchare at Ghorepani.  Kirsten also went with Tulsi to Poon hill.

During our trek, we met two other couples who were trekking with HGT and were just as enthusiastic as we were.  We also met people who were alone or who were unhappy with their guides and who might have benefitted from your services.  We gave them your information as well.  (Just a thought: it might be helpful for HGT if your guides had business cards to hand out to individuals as appropriate).

As you know, Kirsten and I opted to take a tourist bus back to KTM.  I had in mind the same, scenic tour, that my mother and I had experienced in 1987.  Nothing was farther from the truth. Travelling through the valley just outside of Pokhara was a shock.  The air pollution was so dense that one could barely see 500 feet.  We were incredulous that in these terrible conditions, families and children live their lives.  The road on the narrow, poorly maintained, mountainside was frightening beyond belief.  Had we known that this was the the case, we would have readily opted to fly back to KTM instead.  It may be wise to alert your clients to the fact that travel on the roads – even in KTM – is an experience that most visitors may want to avoid.

When we returned to KTM, we found that we needed to travel home one day earlier than expected.  Narayan could not have been more helpful in allowing us the use of his cell phone to speak with the airline.  As a consequence, we managed to get the last two seats via Abu Dhabi to Amsterdam!  It was a huge surprise and big treat to be taken out to dinner at the Rum Doodle restaurant.  This had been on my wish list but without HGT, we would have missed it.

Upon take off from Kathmandu, we could see the Boudnath stupa in the distance.  We said farewell to Nepal with great appreciation but also with sadness for the extreme conditions that most people deal with daily: from extreme air pollution to unsanitary conditions, hunger and poverty.

Kirsten and I will be happy to recommend your company to any person looking for your services  -  in addition to our friends and acquaintances.

I will also write a glowing recommendation to Trip Advisor.  If there is anything further that we can do, please do not hesitate to let us know.

With deep appreciation to you and your staff for having made our visit to Nepal unforgettable.  We are so happy and grateful to have found you!


Charlotte and Kirsten

Gudrun and Birgit – Dolpo Trek

November 25, 2013

Namaste to Kathmandu!

Last august my sister and me tried to discover Dolpo for the second time. Three years before we started our first try also with our good friend and guide Biri but with another agency. We were not successful because the monsoon rain was too hard and destroyed the trails and our dreams to reach Dolpo from Jomsom.

Traveling in Nepal in the rainy season is always a risk but we had no other possibility. This time we organized the trekking with the “Himalayan Glacier Trekking” but again with our old friend and guide Biri. All was well organized and we had a very nice and careful crew.


Dolpo Trek

Dolpo Trek


Full of energy and optimism we were flying to the extremely hot Nepalganj. We were lucky to reach Jumla with a small airplane at the second try. Normally a Dolpo trekking starts from Juphal but the airport of Juphal was under construction  and therefore we started from Jumla. This means some days walking more before we could reach the Phoksundo National Park.

We were in good mood and in good condition for the difficult trekking. Some little problems like flea  bites – every morning we were collecting the new ones – sometimes heavy rain and little pains here and there, we holder out without problems.

Our way guided us through a long and difficult canyon before we reached Rigmo village on the wonderful Phoksundo lake. It was an incredible view, the big blue lake in middle of the steep mountains. The trail on the lake is very beautiful but also a little bit dangerous. It is better to make no wrong step because otherwise you will found yourself many meters down in the lake. But nothing happened and we enjoyed the beautiful day. In the next two days we had to overcome a long canyon and the high pass with meter to reach our destination, the Shey Gompa. We were so happy when we reached the Gompa and we were sure that we can do also the rest of the long way to Jomson.

But then all our dreams and plans were destroyed. Never we could imagine that we cannot continue our way because of robbers who made the countryside dangerous. The lama of the Shey Gompa warned us to follow the trail to Saldang, because a group of masked men attacks all travelers, local people and tourists as well.


Dolpo Trek

Dolpo Trek


With a sad heart we decided to return the same long way back, but I think it was the right decision. We reached Dunai and had to solve the next problem. How to come back to Nepalganj? The trails down through the mountains were very dangerous because of the monsoon and we were happy to get the possibility to fly back to Nepalganj with a helicopter. Two men of our crew and two porters were running down by foot with a part of our equipment and we were flying with the helicopter. Biri was coming with us.

It was a very interesting and exciting flight with an incredible view of the mountains.

Finally we reached Kathmandu. Happy that we were back in good condition but also sad that we could not see more from Dolpo. Therefore Dolpo is still a dream for us and maybe we can try the adventure again in few years. This trekking was really an adventure and a journey in an unknown and hidden part of Nepal.

Gudrun and Birgit!