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Himalayan Glacier

Himalayan Glacier

A leading adventure & tour operator in the Himalayas since 1992. Our team of knowledgeable, experienced, and environmentally-conscious professionals are ready to serve you the best Himalayan Trekking and Tours, in exotic locales throughout the Himalayan regions of Bhutan, India, Nepal and Tibet.

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Visit Fabulous Attractions of Agra

Would you like to throb within the pulsating beauty of Agra, the city of Taj Mahal? Join Himalayan Glacier, we take you to Agra, one of the most visited cities of India located in north Indian state of Uttar Pradesh at the bank of Yamuna River.

Agra is a very important historical city of India civilized by the Mughal rulers. The city also served as the capital of Mughal for some time. Mainly the city is famous for wonderful historical monuments built by the Mughal emperors.

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Best 9 Countries to Travel in 2013

The best 9 countries to travel in 2013 are:

South Korea, the emerging industrial giant in the global economy is the best preferred destination for great outdoor activities and events. Further, the excursion within 2013 in South Korea will be remarkable in the sense that it is hosting world’s major sporting events. Deliberately, this peninsula has quietly developed into an outdoor recreational destination for potential in golfing, hiking and fishing.

Ecuador with its radically expected railway network hopes to link increasingly cosmopolitan Quito and the coastal port of Guayaquil. The railway tracks further connect Ecuador’s famed 5900 m-high volcano Cotopaxi and the Nariz del Diablo (Devil’s Nose). The steepest and most hair-raising stretch of railway hopes to enhance the adventure of gambling in Ecuador. Ecuador famous for food and different activities expect to have unprecedented level of visitors in the forth coming days.

Solomon Island at South Pacific is best for adventure activities. Beside mass-marketing and luxury retreat, the island is paradise for engaging at eco-resorts, village home-stays and for some of the best scuba diving anywhere in the world.

Iceland, the little island nation is best valued destination for mind-bending scenery, the platefuls of delicious lamb and fish dishes, and above all its hospitality. Even a short excursion to this island instinctively inspires emotional attachment to its natural habitats.

Turkey recognized for culture and food offers to explore the historic old towns of Mardin and Midyat, feast on fantastic food in Gaziantep and see the recently uncovered ruins of Göbekli Tepe near Sanliurfa. Along with strolling around curious Istanbul’s Old Town, travelers further have opportunities to experience recently inaugurated Abraham’s Path walking trail.

Dominican Republic with emerging spirit of growing tourism offers the Caribbean taste to international visitors. The Caribbean state is mostly preferred involved into different activities and events. More and more people are running after Dominican Republic for enjoying of sun, sand, and surf comparable to anywhere else in the Caribbean.

Madagascar is best for activities and adventure trips. With the settlement of political conflict, the world’s fourth-biggest island is overwhelmingly home of magnetic fauna and landscapes.

Montenegro with its wildness is emerging as fabulous site for international visitors for different touring activities and adventure. With nature’s unfathomable gifts, Montenegro prides with Bay of Kotor and the buzzy beaches along its Riviera. With a new and steadily emerging network of hiking and biking trails and improved infrastructures makes Montenegro more accessible to the travelers.

Sri Lanka is emerging as the best destination for international travelers. The island state offers best valued cultural tour along with facilitates to traverse into the ravages of civil war. Decrepited tragically by the 2004 tsunami and wracked by civil war from 1983 to 2009, many areas of the country have remained off limits to even the most daring traveler. Now the horrible civil war is over so the investment is fueling the tourism industry. In comparison to other valued destinations, Sri Lanka welcomes international visitors with affordable flights from the different continents of the world.

Source: lonely planet

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Tibet Cultural Tour

Browse Himalayan Glacier’s outstanding Tibet cultural tour packages and explore the foundation of Tibetan culture and its civilization.

Visits to Tsedang and Samye, where Tibet’s unique culture began. Tsedang is an ancient capital of Tibet, where Tibetan Kings used to reside and rule their country. In Tsedang our team takes you to Yongbulagong, the first Royal Palace of Tibet; and the famous site of the Tombs of Tibetan Kings, which is now one of the most important monasteries of the Nyingmapa sect of Buddhism.

KumBum Stupa at Gyagtse, Tibet
Kumbum Stupa at Gyantse

Next pay your visit to Gyantse, an ancient trading hub of Tibet; and Shigatse, the second largest city in Tibet and the seat of Panchen Lama, the second holiest man after the Dalai Lama. These excursions expand your cultural quest in Tibet and enhance to make inquiry into Tibetan civilization.

Furthermore, the journey to Lhasa will be into cultural landscapes of Tibet. Lhasa’s richness not only gives you an opportunity to make an inquiry into cultural, spiritual and architectural landscapes but it also shows the Buddhist ways of life. Potala Palace, Norbulinkha Palace, Jokhang temple, Barkhor Square, Sera Monastery, Drepung Monastery and the Tibetan Medical Center are remarkable sites in Lhasa that increase levels of cultural insights into Lhasa.

Mountain Flight in the Himalayas

Desiring for joy of mountain flight in the Himalayas! Browse Himalayan Glacier’s personalized mountain flight itineraries that take you to the thrilling heights of entire Himalayan range in Nepal.

Aerial view of the Himalayas
Aerial view of the Himalayas

Our mountain trips offer the opportunities to be at camera range of the highest peak in the world. Flying this close to the awe-inspiring massif of rock and ice will be an out-worldly experience. It furthermore offers the closest possible aerial views of Mt Everest, Kanchenjunga, including many other snow-capped mountains and the Tibetan Plateau.

Just join us and enjoy the seemingly endless chain of snow capped peaks as you fly above the clouds, over glaciers and lakes, rivers and gorges. The trip offers a great opportunity to experience and photograph the aerial view of the Kathmandu valley and the entire landscape of Nepal.

Manaslu, the most beautiful and rarely visited region in the Himalayas

Wishing to embark on a journey to the most beautiful and rarely visited region in the Himalayas!

Manaslu Region offers a perfect combination of rich cultural heritage, supreme Himalayan beauty, and diverse mountain flora and fauna. We take you to the borderlands with Tibet, and enhance to experience Tibetan style culture, great mountain views and extensive forests on this stunning region.

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Your next getaway – Tibet

Want to experience deep into the Holy Land in the Himalayas with lots of options, freedom and flexibility? Desiring to hassle free utopian destination in the abode of spiritual aroma? Dreaming for off the beaten path to the land of peace and tranquility?

Experience the Tibet’s age-old Buddhist cultural and religious sites for the peace of mind and seek the mystery of art of happiness. Tibet is a timeless dream of many people, with its unique high attitude, exotic culture, unique landscapes, welcoming people, and distinct architectural sites.

Potala Palace

Potala Palace
Potala Palace

Make excursion into the landmark of Lhasa-Potala Palace, the successive Dalai Lama’s winter residence. It is an architectural wonder even by modern standards. Its impressive layout includes the rooftop White Palace used for the living quarters of the Dalai Lama, and the central Red Palace, used for religious functions. The most stunning chapels of the Red Palace house the jewel-bedecked golden chörten tombs of several earlier Dalai Lamas. Originally built by King Songtsen Gampo in the 7th century, it is located on the Red Hill of Lhasa. The awe-inspiring Potala Palace, perched high above much of Lhasa, is famous for its grand buildings, complicated constructions, devotional atmosphere and splendid artworks.

Jokhang Temple

Pay your visit to Jokhang Temple, a spiritual center of Tibet at the center of the old Lhasa. Built in 647 by Songtsen Gampo, it has a history of more than 1,300 years. The temple is the fine product of Han, Tibetan and Nepalese architecture techniques. It is full of various exotic and sacred sculptures. The Temple also houses many invaluable cultural relics. It has several decorated shrines and rooms. The main hall of the temple houses the Jowo Shakyamuni Buddha statue, perhaps the single most venerated object in Tibetan Buddhism. Along with the Potala Palace, it is probably the most popular tourist attraction in Lhasa. It is also part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Sera Monastery

Sera Monastery
Sera Monastery

The Sera Monastery, in the northern suburb of Lhasa City, is one of the ‘great three’ Gelug Sect’s monasteries in Lhasa. It, as a complex of structures with the Great Assembly Hall and three colleges, was founded in 1419 and was home to more than 5,000 monks. Currently, there are only a few hundred monks. It keeps scriptures written in gold powder, fine statues, scent cloth and unparalleled murals. The monastery is famous for its “Buddhism Scriptures Debating”, so the best time to visit is in the afternoon when the monks are debating in the courtyards. Colorful debates on Buddhist doctrines are held at this monastery and these uses a style distinctive from those at Lhasa’s other famous monasteries. Visitors also can attend to witness these debates.

Barkhor Street

Barkhor, a circular street at the center of Lhasa, is the oldest street in a very traditional city of Tibet. It is a place where Tibetan culture, economy, religion and arts assemble and a place to which a visit must be paid. The street is a famous commercial and commodity-distributing center in Lhasa, consisting of more than 120 handicrafts shops and more than 200 stalls. Visitors can buy anything Tibet-related, from sacks of incense, chunks of yak butter to monk outfits.

Mt. Kailash

Mt Kailash
Mt Kailash

Mt. Kailash is a peak in the Kailash range which is part of the Transhimalaya in Tibet. It lies near the source of some of the longest rivers in Asia: the Indus River, the Sutlej River, the Brahmaputra River, and the Karnali River. It is considered a sacred place in four religions: Bön, Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism. The mountain lies near Lake Manasarovar and Lake Rakshastal in Tibet. Along with making cultural excursion into the heart of Tibet, visitor can also enjoy the most sacred of Tibet which is Mt. Kailash. The overland journey in Tibet brings at shore of beautiful Mansarovar Lake. After enjoying awe-inspiring day at Mansarovar Lake, further KORA (circuit) will be incorporated.

Drepung Monastery

The Drepung Monastery, regarded as one of the “Three Greatest Monasteries in Tibet”, is located at 5 kilometers from the western suburb of Lhasa. Drepung used to be the residence of the Dalai Lamas until the Great Fifth Dalai Lama constructed the Potala. As it has always served as the mother monastery for the former Dalai Lamas, Drepung Monastery holds the highest place in Gelugpa monasteries. It owns many cultural relics which adorn the monastery and make it more precious.

Mt. Everest

Mt Everest
Mt Everest

Mr. Everest, or Mt. Qomolangma, meaning “Goddess” in Tibetan culture is the highest mountain on earth. It stands at the south of Tingri County in southern Tibet, at the border of the central Himalayas between China and Nepal, capped with accumulated eternal snow. Each year, many of brave mountaineers come from all over the world to visit and climb Mt. Everest, hope to fulfill a life-long dream by climbing and looking over from the world’s highest peak.

The seven must see attractions in Tibet are our top priority. We take you from spiritual and cultural attractions of Tibet to the base camp of highest mountain in the world. At the same time we enjoy the spiritual aroma of Mt. Kailash.