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Top things to try in Leh Ladakh


Leh Ladakh, situated in the northern region of India, is an internationally famous tourist destination. It lies between the Himalayas and the Karakorum mountains and offers adventures of trekking, rafting, mountain biking, safari and many more. Besides adventure, the panorama of the mountains in the background and rocky environment provides stunning scenery. Leh, the largest town in Ladakh is a fine example of successful tourism in Ladakh. There are a lot of things that can be done here. I have described some of them below with the help of a few researches and a friend who had recently been to Ladakh. Read More

Ghorepani, a paradise on Earth


Ghorepani is the ultimate answer to those whose quest is to dwell on paradise; like the landscapes we see in movies, but rarely come across in real life. A mixed delight of trekking and sightseeing at high altitude, Ghorepani trekking is otherwise known as Annapurna Sunrise Trek or Poon Hill Trek.

Located in the north-central region of Nepal, Ghorepani is easily accessible from Pokhara, which demands a 4-5 hours of uphill trek through Ulleri. Based on comfort, it is listed as one of the easiest trekking routes. An early morning climb next day ends up in one standing at the elevation of 10,000 feet on top of Poon Hill. Read More

Brick by brick building a school house


Volunteering in october 2015

Some weeks after the earthquake in Nepal we decided to go for volunteering to give time and energy for helping people there. With Himalayan Glacier Trekking we found a very good and reliable partner for this venture. They organized the whole setting so that we could be focused on our work and on our contact to the people.

Our work area was a school construction site in Ashrang 5, which is near Gorkha and was the epicentre of the earthquake. Read More

A Traveler’s Guide to Thailand


Top 9 things about the Land of White Elephants

A country known for its eating culture, crowded nightlife, heavy traffic at cities and strict laws, Thailand is the most sort-after travel destination of South-East Asia. What looks like an intimidating chaos at first turns into a next-level experience for any traveler visiting this part of the globe. For a newbie on the go to the Land of White Elephants, here are top 9 things to do (and some not to do’s) to make the best of the travel: Read More

7 Handpicked travel destinations for 2016


2015 was a good year for everyone. As they say, good things don’t last long. By the time we send this we will be only hours away from New Year. For the Himalayan Glacier family, 2015 waved the path for both creating even more delicious endeavors for our travelers as well as a lot of challenges. As thriving is eminent, we coped through the greatest disaster of the century. Our inspiring team did not hesitate to expand our busy schedules to aid the needy after the earthquake. Both the Himalayan trips as well as disaster relief were organized side by side. Read More

Chinese Visitors No Longer To Pay Visa Fees to Nepal

Chinese Visitors No Longer To Pay Visa Fees to Nepal

The foreign Minister of Nepal, Mr. Kamal Thapa along with the Chinese Foreign Minister Mr. Wang Yi had met on Beijing last Friday to decide on a few matters that concerned both countries. As a result, an unexpected statement came out that wooed the whole Tourism Industry of Nepal and China. The Chinese travelers will now no longer have to pay the regular visa fees they had been paying to the Nepali Immigration on arrival. The Nepalese foreign minister is on a week-long visit to China (Dec 24-29). Read More