The Superhumans of the Himalayas


“The Sherpas of Nepal bear special genes and physiology to survive high-altitude life conditions” – CNN.

A recent study has revealed the biological functioning of Sherpas, announcing them superhuman mountaineers. Sherpas are inhabitants of the mountain region of Nepal and accompany travelers around the world to climb the Everest and many other mountains in Nepal. They are physically strong beings, serving as leaders and potters. Thanks to their exceptional ability to cope with the high altitude and cold temperature, they are widely renowned among adventure enthusiasts traveling in Nepal. Read More

A Classful of Gods and Goddesses

Janak and Yegra

Ruth Higbie age 58 volunteered to teach in the Peace Corps. After joining a group of volunteers training for Nepal, she was selected to teach science at Ajad High School in the Newar village of Banepa, which is about 15 miles east of Kathmandu. She taught at Ajad for two years, 1969-71 and later wrote a wonderful book describing her experiences, A Classful of Gods & Goddesses in Nepal. The title was chosen because many of her students were named after Hindu gods and goddesses. I read this book many years ago and it made a deep impression and I reread it this year in preparation for my recent trip to Nepal and Tibet. Read More

Kailash Experience


Nothing but great things to say about our experience with the Kailash Mansarovar Yatra through Himalayan Glacier tour!! Lina Patel got right away what we wanted to achieve during our trip and began helping us to develop a workable plan. She was focused, resourceful, and upbeat, offering great advice at critical junctures to come up with a plan that met our needs and maximized both our time and convenience. She went the extra mile to ensure that we had a great trip, checked in frequently to find out how things were going and made sure everything was in working order; from our passports, to visas, to our flights. We felt very pampered and we were!

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Now is the Best Time to Visit Nepal

Visit Nepal

Nepal welcomes a lot of tourists every year. Specifically, a total of 586,688 tourists visited Nepal in 2013-14, according to a survey carried out by Nepal’s central Bank, NRB. The Nepal Government even claims that it can accommodate 7.44 million tourists annually. In this scenario, it would be best to discuss what months tourists prefer landing into this natural paradise and why. Read More

Wonderful Trekking Experience

Gosainkunda Trek

We were happy to do Gosaikunda trek with Ashish and Kumar.

Despite the difficulty of the situation, we experienced something very beautiful. Ashish took care of us like a father.

Attentive, caring , courteous , he made us discover nepal, explained

the life changes since our first visit in 2003, always smiling, always respectful .

It was a beautiful moment of sharing with the people we met also .

Congratulations to your team.

We hope to return next year to the base camp of Everest .

In the meantime, we thank you for everything : the organization of the trek, the dinner at the Ship , availability of your team and wish you a good continuation .

Thank you to excuse my so bad English.


Béatrice from France

Volunteers: Helping hands for rebuilding Nepal

Justin Osborne

The Himalayan Glacier Rebuilding efforts began soon after the April Earthquake that hit Nepal this year. As we continue to support this rebuilding effort we also have volunteers, from our past travelers as well as new ones that help us by providing a helping hand to the people in the village of Ashrang in Gorkha district.

Today we focus on a volunteer who was among the first to join us as we began our volunteer initiative, Justin Osborne. He had previously taken a trip with us to Annapurna Base Camp in September of 2014. Our trekking leader has told us that even back then he and his dad were already talking about their next trip to Nepal.justine-volunteer

That planned trip was not to be as the April earthquake saw a huge loss of life and many regions of Nepal devastated in the aftermath. Our previous travellers felt so strongly about helping in any way possible that we were inundated with requests to help. That was the start of our volunteer effort. Read More

The Everest Base Camp Trail- Risk Assessment by Miyamoto International

mount everest

On June the 27th an international team of experts assessed the earthquake related damage on the Everest Trail. This was the first international assessment done to ascertain post April/May earthquake damage in which more than 8,500 people lost their lives.

The team was comprised of expert structural engineers and a geotechnical engineer from Miyamoto International, a global engineering and project management company. Also present were professional mountain guides, a project coordinator and an operations manager. With funding support from the World Bank’s International Finance Corporation (IFC), a member of The World Bank and on behalf of the Government of Nepal through the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation. Read More