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India is a land of geographical as well as cultural contrasts, and a continent in itself. A perfect fusion of tradition and modernity, with a myriad of cultural and geographical diversities, India is perhaps the most diverse country in the world. For the first times visitors of India, everything in India looks strange. From eating with only right hand to bathing in the rivers to wash away all sins - visiting India can prove a culture shock to many first time visitors. The most important thing visitors need to be aware of in India is that although a secular country, most of the Indian people still follow a religious way of life. Hence, you are expected to show respect for the religious sites such as, temples, religious shrines and images. Never enter a religious site without taking permission, and take off your shoes before entering a site of religious importance.

From the high Himalayas of Kashmir and Kanchenjungha to the land of saints and seers of Rishikesh and Haridwar or to the junction point of three oceans of Kanyakumari or the beaches of Goa - India is truly a land of diversities, both cultural and natural. Diversity in India is everywhere - in religious practices, eating habits, clothing styles... Indian way of life seems to encourage the uniqueness of everything. Whether you are seeking for leisure or fun-filled or adventure vacations, family vacations, we can help you in making your India tour a memorable experience of a lifetime.
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