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Expeditions above 8000m

Out of world’s 14 highest peaks, Nepal boasts of eight highest 8,000ers. Not only the tallest mountain on earth, Mt. Everest, but the 3rd highest Kanchenjungha, 4th highest Lhotse, 5th highest Makalu, 6th highest Cho Oyu, 7th highest Dhaulagiri, 8th highest Manaslu & the 10th highest Annapurna – all lie either in Nepal or on Nepal’s border with her neighbor. However, climbing the 8000ers is the most difficult challenge that Nature offers to human beings. We advise all, including the professional mountain climbers, to get enough training and preparation long before them attempt any of the 8,000ers.

Mountaineering expeditions require a high level of physical and mental fitness with a good level of mountaineering skills. Fully fledged expeditions are different from trekking and lower peak climbing, as the expeditions include mountaineering above the snow line using crampons ropes and necessary climbing gears under the supervision, instruction, and assistance from the climbing leaders and guides. We encourage the mountaineering beginners to attempt easier trekking peaks such as Mera, Island, and other below 6500m/21320 ft peaks. Climbing lower peaks serves as training courses for those aiming higher mountains above 8000m/26240 ft.

Trip Packages

Annapurna Expedition - 45 days

First climbed by Herzog & Lachenal in 1950, Annapurna at 8091m is the 10th highest mountain in the world. The Annapurna lies in the North-central Nepal stretching along with Lamjung Himal from the Kali Gandaki in the west to the Marshyangdi in th...

Trip Grade: 5E
Price Start From: $0

Cho Oyu Expedition - 45 days

For anyone who has ever dreamed of climbing one of the world's highest 8000er mountains, Cho Oyu offers relatively easy access. Despite being the 6th highest mountain on the planet, Cho Oyu has the highest success rate among the world's fourteen 8,00...

Price Start From: $23800

Dhaulagiri Expedition - 60 days

The seventh highest, and one of the most popular 8000m Peaks, Dhaulagiri lies on the north-west of Pokhara in the Western Nepal and south of the Tibet and Nepal border. Dhaulagiri was first climbed by the Swiss team in 1960 via the North East Ridge. ...

Trip Grade: 4E
Price Start From: $0

Everest Expedition North Ridge Tibet - 57 days

Despite being the highest mountains on planet Earth, Himalaya Mountains including Mt. Everest are relatively younger than their American and European counterparts such as the Andes, the Alps, and the Rockies. European climbers were able to get close ...

Trip Grade: Difficult 
Price Start From: $30000

Kanchenjungha Expedition - 48 days

The third-highest mountain in the world, Kanchenjunga is an enormous mountain mass with many satellite peaks rising from its narrow icy ridges. Located in the Eastern Nepal the border of Nepal and Sikkim, Kanchenjunga is the most easterly of the 8,00...

Trip Grade: 5E
Price Start From: $0

Makalu Expedition - 60 days

Makalu is the fifth tallest mountain on earth. A close neighbor to Mount Everest, it lies in the northeast region of Nepal. Makalu means the Great Black One, so called due to its dark brooding appearance. Still, it is relatively less attempted mounta...

Trip Grade: Easy 
Price Start From: $0

Manaslu Expedition - 50 days

Lying At the edge of one of the most secluded Himalayan valleys in the central-western Nepal Himalaya's Kali Gandaki valley 40 miles east of Annapurna, Manaslu is world's eighth highest mountain. Manaslu offers an alternative to Cho Oyu for those who...

Trip Grade: 4E
Price Start From: $23000

Mt. Everest Expedition - 71 days

Mt Everest climbing has proved to be a benchmark of climbing achievement. The mountain receives around 1000 summit attempts every year. Everest can be climbed both from the southern side Nepal and northern side Tibet. After the Cultural Revolution in...

Trip Grade: 4E
Price Start From: $40000
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