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Welcome to Nepal- a country with eight of world's fourteen highest peaks and a traveler paradise, a heaven on earth and the land of the people famous for their smile and hospitality.  Sandwiched between India and China, Nepal has been a favorite destination for the global travel and trekking community. Protected by the Himalayas, you can find ethnic cultures untouched by modernity, vast tracts of virgin forest land and a degree of bio-diversity unknown elsewhere. Lying between the two greatest civilizations of Asia, the Nepalese people make a pulsating society rich in color, vigor and spirituality. Whatever be your interest - nature, culture or adventure - Nepal offers superb destinations for trek, tour, mountain climbing, peak climbing, and even expeditions to the highest mountains on earth.  Discover the thrills of such experiences: from mountain flight over the majestic Himalayas, to treks to world's highest mountains, to jungle safari with wild animal in their natural habitat, and to rafting in world's highest Himalayan rivers.
Looking for an adventure trip into the Himalayas? Or are you wishing to make a pilgrimmage to the sacred Hindu and Buddhist sites? Wanna make a tour to different Nepal towns and villages or pay homage to Buddha at his birthplace of Buddha, Lumbini? Each of our packages combines various trek, tour, adventure and fun filled activities in Nepal. With over 19 years experience behind us, we know this area like the back of our hand; it is, after all, our home. So whether long or short, easy or hard, we can organize a trek, tour or expedition to suit your needs.

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